IOTA Announces Competitive Smart Contract Alpha

The IOTA development team has released their monthly update, and some important developments are pending.

The most important among the changes are the final nuances to be added to the smart contract Alpha. The alpha phase in software development refers to the early programming and design phases and is usually full of bugs. Smart contracts are vital for IOTA Tangle technology to compete with other leading blockchains like Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT).

The latest update describes some areas of cryptocurrency that are taking shape. The team deployed phase 1 of Chrysalis, the intermediate stage of the mainnet, in August 2020 and is currently developing phase 2.

“In December we opened the Chrysalis test network to the public. This way we can test all of the Chrysalis components outdoors and add the remaining features and products to the mix. “

IOTA wallet handed over to the examiner

The team is also pursuing other development areas such as pollen, bee and hornet. Bee is based on the Rust programming language, and the team has included instructions on how to run your own Bee node.

The pollen team refers to IOTA’s Tangle technology, while Hornet focuses on memory usage. Users can set up Hornet on Chrysalis’ public test network. Regarding the latest wallet solution, IOTA confirms that “Firefly,” as it is called, has been handed over to auditors.

“The review is done in an interactive style, with reviewers consulting the results over a 10 day period and reporting them to the development team. This way the Firefly team can start correcting any results as soon as they are available. “

Lessons from the past

IOTA has had a few issues in the past and it seems the team is preparing to defuse any major issues a second time.

IOTA founder David Sønstebø left the project in December 2020. More importantly, however, the project’s Trinity wallet was badly attacked in February 2020.

Even so, it seems to be making good progress. For example on Thurs. On February 11th, IOTA announced a highly anticipated Oracle collaboration with Dell.

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