IOTA announces the release date of the Chrysalis network migration

The IOTA Foundation has announced the date for the migration of the IOTA blockchain to Chrysalis. The most significant upgrade to the IOTA blockchain will take place shortly. We can expect that after this migration, many real use cases will appear in IOTA. IOTA is becoming a completely new blockchain with services and functions for a wider user base. The migration will certainly help attract new developers.

Final phase of the major upgrade

Fundamental upgrades in blockchains always bring significant results for end users and developers. The IOTA community has been busy providing a completely new and improved blockchain for the past few years. Chrysalis is an important step towards these improvements.

The first phase of the new blockchain was deployed in August 2020, and the final phase will be ready very soon. The IOTA Foundation has announced the official date for the Chrysalis migration: April 21, 2021. The migration time is seven days before the last migration. Users, exchanges and custodians can prepare for their migration in these seven days. So the The last network update will be on April 28, 2021.

Test networks are important steps in blockchain upgrades. Support teams always start these networks for Developers and enthusiasts to use or test the new functions. Chrysalis Testnet was live from December 2020. Firefly will be released in public beta next week. So everyone can use the new functions of IOTA in Firefly before the official upgrade. Token migration is not possible in the Beta version of Firefly and users will have to wait until April 21st to migrate.

IOTA Chrysalis migration has been postponed a few times. The IOTA Foundation says the final steps of preparation and improvement took time. They didn’t want to rush the upgrade. The announcement post says:

“While we are largely technically ready to begin the network upgrade, one of the reasons we changed the official start date is to give exchanges more time to officially support the transition. Many exchanges have predefined update cycles that cannot be skipped, shortened or changed at will. Obviously, they have rather strict verification and security processes that can’t and shouldn’t be changed on a whim. We will make sure that we take these timeframes into account better for future upgrades. “

IOTA users can easily migrate their tokens and Firefly provides every step required. The migration takes place automatically and Firefly handles everything in a user-friendly interface. There is no need to migrate your tokens before the official upgrade. You can do this for a long time after upgrading.

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