IOTA blockchain for tracking refugee families during and after conflicts

JOTA, the The public, permissionless distributed ledger has partnered with REFUNITE, the world’s largest missing person database, to use the former’s blockchain to reunite families during and after conflict.

The charitable deal offers REFUNITE expertise in decentralized ledger technology (DLT) and hands-on participation.

Every day, 28,300 people around the world are forced to leave their homes due to oppression and conflict. UNHCR figures show an anomalous 65.6 million people around the world have been displaced from their homes.

IOTA Co-Founder David Otherwiseebo informs Cointelegraph about the agreement and sees it as a very important step forward for IOTA as it marks the beginning of a long and fruitful journey into how DLT can help refugees and refugee camps.

Else Bo explains:

“When you are dealing with the size of refugee camps and refugees, you need a scalable solution. And IOTA is currently the only scalable distributed ledger with no fees. Additionally, the IOTA Foundation is currently implementing technologies for the refugee camps and improving the condition of refugees People in impoverished countries. For example, we took part in Hack4Farming in Kenya last year to find out who can use the distributed ledger to optimize agriculture. “

Partnership with REFUNITE

REFUNITE currently operates in more than 25 countries helping refugees who have been separated from their loved ones to reunite.

“Usually families are separated after a conflict and often never find each other again. We are currently helping more than 700,000 refugees find their families,” Christopher Mikkelsen, co-founder of REFUNITE told Cointelegraph.

He reveals that REFUNITE was founded in 2009 after helping a young Afghan refugee named Mansour who lost track of his entire family while fleeing the Taliban.

Mikkelsen notes:

“When we helped Mansour, my brother and co-founder, David and I, we found that none of the major international organizations had created any kind of networked data infrastructure that could collect, curate and distribute information about missing loved ones across borders and indeed the refugee population themselves. Imagine missing a distributed ledger to record, review, and link information about parents searching for their children. “

Christopher claims that the partnership with IOTA represents an opportunity to rethink their separate but common philosophies about helping people and the world through technology and empowering users, be they people or businesses, through distributed ledgers and decentralized access to the knowledge economy .

“This will help build a more inclusive and exciting future,” he said. “IOTA is the first publicly distributed ledger that makes it possible to scale and get rid of fees. It fits in perfectly with REFUNITE.”

The REFUNITE boss believes that he only works with private companies and foundations that understand the startup-like approach to philanthropy, where multiple iterations through a product, where many studies fall flat, are the only way to get an approach find to help people and scale decreasing costs.

“We believe that the many challenges our world is facing can only be solved through win-win partnerships and not through sheer charity,” he concluded.

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