IOTA Blockchain Let’s start the engine – Next Stop Mars and the Digital Green Certificate

The new IOTA transaction format introduced with Chrysalis can carry a payload of up to 32 KB. Attached information only takes up as much storage space as it really needs, so nodes have to process as little data as possible.

Someone reading this information said, what does this mean? Don’t understand the value in this information.

Another community member made it clear that this is just a lot of data. I think an Ethereum transaction equals 220 bytes, and that’s 32768 bytes.

Some of them asked themselves: That’s a lot of data for one transaction. As long as it scales, I’m fine with it. And as long as not all relevant data is in a blob that cannot be searched for data.

Other clarifications were that most of the data will be encrypted so you won’t be able to read it anyway. Scaling is pov. Some people want to send more data in larger transactions and others in very small transactions at high speed. The throughput is roughly the same in both cases. CPU, RAM, SSD do not change. All DLT reach the same hardware limit.

There was also some confusion surrounding this information: the header says 32kB (kilobytes), but the graphic says 32kb (kilobytes) – which one is it? Someone thought it was 32769 characters. So, I think bytes.

Others in the community who weren’t too technically solid just pretended we were going to start the engine – Next Stop Mars.

IOTA spoke about the Digital Green Certificates, which are an answer to questions like: What is the best way to let people travel again, given the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic? And what’s the best technology solution to support credentials?

Several governments are waiting to take a stand, analyzing and testing others to identify the best solutions the market has to offer. The European Union (EU) Commission has set some requirements to drive the market towards the newly published proposal to create a Digital Green Certificate.

The aim of this certificate is to ensure the safe and free movement of citizens within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Digital Green Certificate, travelers within the EU can present proof of eligibility upon provision, which confirms whether someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19, tested negative or has recovered from it.

This certificate also enables travelers to circumvent the otherwise applicable quarantine restrictions and therefore move freely between EU member states.

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