IOTA Chrysalis Network is now live

The biggest upgrade in the IOTA network is now open to the public. IOTA Chrysalis, the last strategic step before Coordicide, is now live.

IOTA calls the Chrysalis new dawn for the blockchain. Many new functions, services and updates have been developed for Chrysalis. It can be seen as an entirely new blockchain in the IOTA community. Chrysalis comes with a new protocol, new wallet, and lots of libraries that make IOTA ready for major changes and corporate services.

A new dawn for IOTA

After months of development, testing, feedback and some delays, IOTA Chrysalis is now live. The last step before the big one Coordinateicide The upgrade brings many changes for the IOTA community. The IOTA Foundation and other community developers have been working hard over the past few months to improve the blockchain and also change it to allow for more use cases.

IOTA is evolving into an enterprise-grade blockchain with functions and tools that developers can use to create decentralized applications on the blockchain. Crysalis is an important step towards this goal and is now lived for the public.

One of the most important steps before the Chrysalis upgrade was the migration of IOTA tokens to the new blockchain. According to the latest announcement, tokens valued at more than $ 1.4 billion were suspended from migration prior to Chrysalis launch. Users who have not yet migrated their tokens still have time to keep track of the process available in the Firefly wallet. No special measures are required for users who hold their IOTA tokens in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another important step in migrating to Chrysalis is upgrading the nodes. New versions of Chrysalis Hornet and Chrysalis Bee can be downloaded and installed by node operators.

The Chrysalis upgrade is the result of a partnership between many institutional and individual members of the IOTA community. IOTA Foundation conversations about the last step of the upgrade:

“The time has come. With Chrysalis, IOTA is now ready for business and has ushered in a new era of introduction. It serves as the basis for machine management, the Internet of Things and beyond, and enables new use cases and sets standards in data and value transfer. All of this is achieved with no fees and while maintaining a minimal ecological footprint. “

The next version of IOTA – Coordicide or IOTA 2.0 – makes the blockchain a fully functional platform for developers, researchers and many other users. There won’t be any significant changes between Chrysalis and Coordicide. Chrysalis mainly shows what Coordicide will be like, according to the foundation, and developers can build on that to experience the new IOTA.

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