IOTA Foundation selected as partner for the Japanese Advanced Data Storage project

The IOTA Foundation is to provide the technical infrastructure for the ambitious Japanese technology project.

Japan chooses IOTA for the data maintenance project

According to a report published November 4th by Japan Today, a Germany-based non-profit organization – the IOTA Foundation – has been selected by Japan to provide the technical infrastructure for the world’s first predictive maintenance system for industrial plants.

In particular, the Japanese government-funded project is the world’s first predictive maintenance system for industrial plants that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technology to store data in a secure manner.

The project was funded by the Japanese Organization for the Development of New Energy and Industrial Technologies – a national research and development agency under the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It has selected the IOTA Foundation as its technical partner.

Interestingly, the project will use the unique DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) infrastructure from IOTA (Tangle) to move data to a decentralized database. In addition, AI is being used to replace engineers amid the shrinking Japanese workforce.

With the Tangle, each node in the distributed general ledger database, which is distributed across multiple locations in a peer-to-peer network, can replicate and store an identical copy of the general ledger and update itself independently.

The report reads in part:

“The project, which aims to improve the durability of critical infrastructures, will optimize facility management systems used in power, industrial, petrochemical and oil refining facilities across Japan by digitizing maintenance data and predicting it using artificial intelligence. when reviews are required Foundation. “

In addition, due to its decentralization, the database will be more resistant to cyber attacks and at the same time simplify the exchange of data for partners in the long supply chain.

It’s also worth noting that the IOTA association with the project is the first time the IOTA Foundation has allied with an organization in Japan.

IOTA customs closer to full decentralization

After the unfortunate Trinity wallet hack earlier this year, IOTA has bounced back with all guns, sharing impressive data and progress on its way to full decentralization in the form of IOTA 2.0.

Recently the IOTA Foundation announced the final alpha version for IOTA Streams – an open source DLT protocol that enables encrypted and decentralized data streaming.

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