IOTA price analysis: MIOTA Coin is unstoppable 25% profit within a week

  • The IOTA coin price is positive and is around 7.0% during the intraday.
  • The 24-hour trading volume is $ 608 million.
  • The IOTA / BTC pair is trading positive by 4.6% at 0.0002642 BTC.

The daily technical chart and the price trend of the IOTA coin show a bullish trend. The first support zone is related to the pivot point 0.70 USDT. Another way to watch it is that when it rushes, this is the resistance level to look at 1.85 USDT. Hence, the chart produced a shooting star candlestick pattern as the day progressed and the cost is confident it will stay down with steadfast medium strength.

The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) band, consisting of various EMAs, strongly supports currency fluctuations. Investors may find that costs are hovering over the green belt. This guarantees a surge in IOTA until it is above the band.

Trading volume (46,712 million) is above the 20-day moving average (32,489 million). The volume is high and increasing, so the cost is above the pivot point. Investors can also see the volume bar on the chart increasing. This suggests that abnormal instability is common on subsequent trading days.

The stochastic RSI (Overbought) with a value of K-100 D-99 offers a strongly bought situation in the currency. Investors can see steep index climbs and positive crossovers that can now boil down for future trading sessions.

Long-term perspective of the IOTA coin price trend

The weekly technical chart and the IOTA coin price trend show a bullish trend. Based on the pivot planes is the support zone 0.80 USDT. From another perspective, when it storms up is that level of resistance to look for 3.50 USDT. Additionally, the graph shows the Heiken Ashi candles, which represent significant upside potential in the asset’s price movement.

So the price of IOTA today is $ 1.50 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $ 608,615,449. MIOTA prices have increased 5.5% in the last 24 hours. The circulation of MIOTA coins is 2.8 billion and the total stock is 2.78 billion. The stochastic RSI suggests a sell signal and traders have triggered a high volume. In fact, the cost is breaking above the pivot levels. Likewise, the general outlook for the market is that the pattern will remain bullish over the next few trading days.

Resistance Level: $ 1.85 & $ 3.50

Support level: $ 0.70 & $ 0.80

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