IOTA selected by the German government as a technology provider for the SUSEE project

IOTA selected by the German government as a technology provider for the SUSEE project
August 4, 2021
August 4, 2021

Kelly Cromley
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The IOTA blockchain network has seen a successful performance! The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) has selected IOTA’s Tangle as the main technology for its SUSEE project. Tangle, a well-known IOTA blockchain data format, will enable SUSEE’s intelligent energy sensor network. As a result, IOTA is funding non-nuclear studies under the 7th Energy Research Program “Innovations for the energy transition.”

In addition, IOTA’s Tangle data service is linked to hundreds of sensors to ensure an efficient energy relay. A prototype model for smart metering systems is used in the SUSEE project. In addition, it offers a “Scalable system for reliable and secure data transmission and processing in sensor networks.”

In addition to improving the energy industry, the SUSEE initiative is also intended to deliver successful results to other sectors. “Guaranteeing data integrity and data management encrypted and secure directly from the surface is the fundamental DNA of IOTA.” said Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at the IOTA Foundation. “I am pleased to be part of a group of several innovative companies to show how IOTA is used as a layer of security and trust for future applications where a decentralized robust IT framework against attacks is crucial.”

Several parties are involved in the SUSEE initiative. The IOTA Foundation is working on this project with various transmission networks, academic institutions and others. SUSEE is a company that focuses on smart metering solutions.

According to the official publication:

“This system will be based on the IOTA Distributed Ledger System, the LoRaWAN Wireless Network Framework and the self-configuring WiBACK backhaul platform. The initiative will be based on the benchmarks of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). “

The IOTA Foundation has participated in a number of initiatives that address various industry needs. IOTA teamed up with the GAIA-X alliance in June and supported the development of Europe’s futuristic cloud framework. In addition, the GAIA-X collaboration has received a license to operate in Germany. Europe’s economic powerhouse has some of the strictest compliance rules in the world.

The foundation also worked with a Kenyan company in July to roll out digital commerce in East Africa. The collaboration will help Trademark East Africa replace the time-consuming physical document-based initiatives in the country’s monetary base. The two parties will introduce an optimal electronic payment network based on IOTA’s Tangle Ledger data model.

Surprisingly, IOTA is also penetrating the fast-growing NFT sector. While the entry barrier for fresh market players has been lowered, the IOTA Foundation has launched its NFT platform. The NFT platform got off to a strong start with 966 users, 273 creators, 508 NFTs generated, and 3,700 bids completed.

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