IOTA starts with Binance Smart Chain


IOTA now has a packaged version of its native token available for use in the Binance Smart Chain. According to an announcement published on March 29, this integration is the first step in increasing IOTA’s liquidity across multiple chains.

Via the IOTA / Binance Bridge, users can send IOTA to the exchange service to exchange the tokens for Binance IOTA. The bridge works both ways and is the primary portal for IOTA token holders to enter the Binance Chain ecosystem.

Tokens exchanged through the bridge are displayed as IOTA BEP20 tokens in the Binance wallet connected to the service, so that users can trade, exchange and use their tokens.

The IOTA team suggests that IOTA, which lives in the BSC chain, will be ahead of announcements of other assets available on the IOTA network. No details have yet been given about specific tokens and whether this Binance Smart Chain integration is part of a larger agreement to move Binance-only tokens to IOTA.

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