IOTA’s 30-day movement shows a sluggish trend

  • IOTA (MIOTA) was trading around $ 0.275989

To promote innovation, IOTA has joined the Odyssey Hackathon 2020 in the Netherlands as an ecosystem member. The event will open on November 7th. She will present several international speakers, technology-based challenges and future hackathon teams. Additionally, IOTA can now be added to an STM32-based project for a fee-free transaction. The new transaction option will also improve data integrity.

IOTA price comparison

Let’s look at the price fluctuations of the coin over 25 days. On 09/13 JOTA was valued at around $ 0.2404. From there, the coin soared with a margin of 14.8% today. Similarly, the altcoin strengthened a small margin of 3.14% in weekly trading from the $ 0.2676 level on October 2nd. Also in yesterday’s trading, the crypto rose 5.04% from the $ 0.270474 level. It finally closed at $ 0.284115 the other day.

IOTA price TradingView’s IOTA chart

According to IOTA prediction by experts, the immediate resistance for the coin is at $ 0.2898 and the support is at $ 0.27333.

STM32 is an electronic name for swipe machines and the enabling of payments in IOTA on these through the direct use of wallets is a commendable improvement from the foundation. Additionally, the chain’s focus on innovation with Hackathon will go a long way in curbing the problem of new advances in the blockchain. Meanwhile, the short-term is slightly bullish. However, IOTA is expected to crash again in the near future and this will be a good opportunity to make some profit.

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