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Dogecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies to enter the industry and has established itself as the flagship meme coin. With celebrities like Elon Musk tweeting tirelessly about DOGE, the price has skyrocketed more than ever. While Dogecoin is hovering around $ 0.20 per coin, its market cap is a staggering $ 25 billion. Is Dogecoin a Scam? Find out more about DOGE now and understand why the price has skyrocketed.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with no maximum supply. Instead, new coins are minted every minute when a new block is added to the Dogecoin blockchain. Without maximum supply, Dogecoin will struggle to be a store of value like Bitcoin.

Instead, Dogecoin wants to be used as a currency. The transaction fees are much lower than Bitcoin and Ethereum fees, making it a better option for everyday payments. However, other cryptocurrencies have even cheaper transaction fees, which makes the Dogecoin use case questionable at best.

This isn’t the first time Dogecoin has skyrocketed in price. In the bull market of 2017, DOGE had several pumps where the price rose well over 1,000%. However, Dogecoin has never seen values ​​above 10 cents until 2021 after being rediscovered by Elon Musk.

History of Dogecoin

Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus founded Dogecoin in 2013. At that time, Bitcoin was only 4 years old and Ethereum didn’t even exist. The cryptocurrency consensus model is the same as that of Bitcoin (proof-of-work) and it is extremely similar to Litecoin technology. Litecoin and Dogecoin will be merged, which means that all miners who mine Litecoin can mine Dogecoin as well.

Within a few trading days, the price of Dogecoin rose by over 300%. Since then, the cryptocurrency has remained extremely volatile. It wasn’t until this year that Dogecoin topped 5 cents, and the doggy-themed cryptocurrency was trading at around 69 cents per coin at its peak.

Dogecoin price promotion

Unknown to most new crypto investors, the price of Dogecoin has skyrocketed several times. Since the majority of the offer belongs to only a few wallets, some investors speculate that the price of Dogecoin is being manipulated by these wealthy Dogecoin investors. However, some of these wallets have been inactive for a long time, suggesting that access to the funds may have been lost.

It’s hard to imagine the past price movements for Dogecoin as it has appreciated so much over the past few months. Below is a graph of the price of Dogecoin from 2016 to 2020. As you can see, there have been several instances where Dogecoin has skyrocketed in value by well over 100%, but the cryptocurrency never broke 2 cents.

So is Dogecoin a scam?

Technically, Dogecoin is not a scam. It’s just another cryptocurrency that has grabbed the attention of the masses. Basically, Dogecoin is not a good investment – other cryptocurrencies outperform Doge in almost every way.

Dogecoin is listed on Robinhood and is therefore easily accessible for private investors. You can look at Dogecoin in a similar way to Gamestop: while it is not a scam, it is only valued based on speculation.

Since Dogecoin has grown so much this year, it’s an extremely risky investment. This is even more the case when you consider the lack of utility of the cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin security risks

Because Dogecoin uses the same consensus model as Bitcoin, it’s relatively safe. However, the cryptocurrency has been hacked in the past. Just weeks after launch, hackers were able to seize 21 million Dogecoin, which was worth a modest $ 12,000 at the time.

It is important to note that the Dogecoin blockchain was not hacked, the hackers were able to crack the Dogecoin website to redirect payments to their wallet.

Will Dogecoin fly to the moon?

According to Elon Musk, a literal Dogecoin is sent to the literal moon aboard a SpaceX satellite. Take this with caution – he posted this news on April Fools Day. Figuratively speaking, Dogecoin has already reached the moon, and more.

With a market cap of over $ 80 billion at its peak, Dogecoin became worth more than most of the companies in the S&P 500.

Is Dogecoin a joke or a good crypto?

Can’t something be a joke and good crypto? Even the founder of Dogecoin has admitted that the crypto started out as a joke. According to some people, Dogecoin is a good cryptocurrency as it is a joke at the same time. Others see Dogecoin as a middle finger for big banks and the government, creating a “joke” that is worth more than most public corporations.

Something to think about:

If you compare the technology of other cryptocurrencies to Dogecoin, the project seems lackluster at best. However, adoption is arguably just as important as technology. While Bitcoin is not the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency, it remains the most valuable due to its mainstream adoption.

Best exchanges to buy Dogecoin

Because Dogecoin is controversial and highly speculative, most cryptocurrency exchanges do not support the asset. The easiest way to buy Dogecoin is through the stockbrokers Robinhood and WeBull. If you already have an account with one of these platforms, look for the DOGE ticker to buy your own Dogecoins.

Robinhood and WeBull both offer the ability to place limit orders to buy DOGE. Limit orders are a great way to average your buy-in price, which is especially useful with volatile investments. Recently, Coinbase added support for Dogecoin. As a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the United States, Coinbase is the best way to buy Dogecoin today.

With a limit order, you can set a price for the automatic purchase of Dogecoin so that you don’t have to time the market yourself. If the price never falls below the limit you set in your order, your buy order will not be executed.

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Is It Too Late To Buy Dogecoin?

Most of the profits have already been made with Dogecoin. For an investor with DOGE to turn $ 100 into $ 1,000, the cryptocurrency would have to be worth $ 5 per coin. This would make Dogecoin the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, second only to Bitcoin. Realistically, it’s probably too late to get on the DOGE train.

frequently asked Questions

Can Dogecoin Reach 1 USD?

Theoretically yes. Dogecoin could hit a dollar, but that would value the cryptocurrency at over $ 100 billion. The price of a coin has little to do with the market capitalization of the crypto. Instead, you should compare market caps to account for the different amounts of offerings between cryptos.

Does Dogecoin have a future?

Since Dogecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies ever made, it’s likely here to stay. While DOGE is unlikely to hold its value in the long run, there is good evidence that the cryptocurrency will persist. Even after a decline of over 90% in recent years, Dogecoin has proven itself and has skyrocketed again.


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