Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

It is not news to be excited about the use of cryptocurrencies today! But what kind of cryptocurrency are we talking about? That can hit the headlines. Everyone, even outside of the cryptocurrency market, knows Bitcoin. But did you know that a competitor has been around for a while, and it is Ethereum?

Ethereum debuted in 2015 with an investment of less than $ 3, which boomed to over $ 1,400 by 2018. Talk about the benefits of cryptocurrency!

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. However, both are completely two different animals from the same zoo. Bitcoin and Ethereum were both developed for different reasons and internal dynamics.

Investors are now getting curious. They want to know which option to invest in better. Additionally, they seem to be showing more of their interests in Ethereum, considering it’s new.

Read through this page to decide if investing in Ethereum would be an excellent option. The site focuses on the work of Ethereum, various Ethereum brokers, and additional concerns in this area.

How Ethereum works

Ethereum is much more unique than the rest of the cryptocurrencies. The only common factor between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that it uses blockchain technology. However, Ethereum works with the help of computing power to run the network.

It usually relies on nodes to process a transaction on its network. The node operators require a hardware and software fee to perform these transactions. It’s called the gas charges.

Ethereum uses an extensive network of computers to conduct peer-to-peer transactions. In addition, the developers working on this network can create and run dApps over the Ethereum network. These dApps connect the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts in the form of computer programs.

Smart contracts are small programs that form the backend of the Ethereum blockchain and that can execute themselves depending on certain conditions. The dApps are the front-end of this program.

In addition, the dApps are based on the decentralized Ethereum network and cannot be controlled by a single entity. Once you’ve added a dApp to the Ethereum network, even the original developer cannot remove it.

The decentralized system enables users to remain anonymous when using dApps under a pseudonym. There is also less control and censorship from third parties when anonymity comes in.

How to invest in Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum uses tokens called Ether. The best way to invest in ether is to connect to a digital wallet with a cryptocurrency exchange. It is worth noting, however, that Ethereum does not use major exchange platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies. You need to convert your stocks into your wallet.

Various digital wallets allow you to simplify the process of currency conversion. Platforms such as Coinbase, Gemini or BlockFi allow you to invest in Ether and Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Such platforms also offer you sign-up bonuses. However, it is important to remember that ether is a currency and investors should use it accordingly. Ether is not available to investors like other stocks or exchange-traded funds.

You need to exchange real money for ether tokens. You don’t get any payouts, no dividends. The benefit you get from investing in Ethereum is that the internet pays more for your tokens.

If you are unsure about whether to invest with a digital wallet, you cannot use an ETF for your investments just yet. You can use Bitcoin ETF or GBTC. Alternatively, you can invest directly in Ethereum with eToro. Here are a few wallet options to consider:


As the most popular Ethereum trading platform for cryptocurrency investors, Gemini is the most trusted platform regulated by the states. New York Regulator is their trust company, and the New York Treasury Department regularly audits the Ethereum network.

It holds a number of SOC certifications as evidence of its legality. In addition, the FDIC is responsible for all USD deposits from Ethereum. Gemini implements both stock exchange and broker market trades.

It supports fiat currency and allows you to assign Ethereum coins. Additionally, you can convert your Ethereum holdings into USD if you apply for a short term trading plan. However, Gemini may charge high fees for the transactions it makes.

For example, you have to pay 0.5% of the commission for each slide. This means that investors on the platform pay an entry and exit fee of 0.5%.


  • Popular in the market with large and experienced investors and traders
  • Easy for deposits and withdrawals with fiat currency
  • Allows you to buy, sell or trade beyond 20 digital currencies
  • The FDIC insures paid in USD
  • It is based in the USA
  • Implements security practices at the institutional level


  • Not for new investors
  • Fees of 0.5% of the commission per slide


BlockFi is similar to Gemini and also differs in some ways. It enables you, the investor, to lend your stocks and earn interest. Additionally, instead of selling your Ether tokens or Ethereum Coins, you can borrow on your holdings.

Instead of charging an entry and exit fee, if you deposit $ 25, you will receive a bonus of $ 250 and the amount will stay the same for a period of time.


  • It doesn’t require any fees or commissions
  • It is based in the USA
  • Regulated in the USA
  • Higher interest rates on deposits


  • Not for all types of coins and tokens
  • Free withdrawals are limited

Coin base

Coinbase is the new crypto exchange platform that is growing in popularity in the crypto exchange market. It allows you to invest in Ethereum directly with your US dollars. You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum or other NFTs with a potential of over 30 other coins and tokens.

Coinbase allows you to earn interest on your USDT and Token rewards by completing certain tasks. You also benefit from an advantage of $ 5 as an entry bonus.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of coins and tokens to invest in
  • Highly secure and trustworthy


  • Fee rates are relatively higher
  • The user has no control over private keys in the wallet

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How to Choose an Ethereum Trading Platform?

Finding the appropriate Ethereum trading platform can be a challenge. But when you know your needs and margins, it can be more accessible. Here are some factors to look out for when choosing a trading platform.

  • Design and Ease of Use: Choose a platform that makes investing in Ethereum a breeze.
  • Price: The pursuit of profit doesn’t mean spending more at the gate. Avoid high prices.
  • Call: Find out more about the platform through online reviews and user reviews on the Internet.
  • Coin variety: While you can choose Ethereum as your current cryptocurrency, it would be great to keep your options open.
  • Trading options: The more trading options the platform offers, the better.

Benefits of Investing in Ethereum

  • Ethereum belongs to a liquid asset class
  • It uses decentralized financing
  • There is relatively less risk of inflation with Ethereum investments
  • Its volatile nature is unpredictable

Cons of investing in Ethereum

  • The new regulations can affect Ethereum’s business models
  • New platforms compete with Ethereum
  • There is always a risk of online hackers

Should you buy or mine Ethereum?

Ethereum investments are speculative. It would be an easier choice to trade or buy them on a cryptocurrency trading platform. You have access to a 24 hour open market with significant liquidity with a simple profit calculation. You also have the benefit of making more than you paid for.

But mining Ethereum would require you to wear a business owner’s shoes. You need to invest significant amounts of money in mining rigs to produce a crypto exchange.

In addition, you have to spend a lot of money on expensive mining electricity. Before getting into the mining business, you need to run your numbers and work out the options for an initial investment. The operation must make economic sense to your advantage.

Ethereum has a dynamic validation system and this obliges prospective miners to secure a profit before they get into mining.

Hence, most investors resort to buying Ethereum as their best bet rather than mining Ethereum. It requires little effort and has enormous profit potential. However, it would still be necessary to calculate your numbers.

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Final verdict: is Ethereum still a good investment?

There are no guarantees and so investing in Ethereum can be risky but potentially lucrative. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum can prove to be an advantageous building block for companies. It is more like diamonds than gold.

As an investor, it would be a win-win situation. In addition, you can take advantage of the splits on Ethereum. However, it can be both good and bad at times.

The outcome usually depends on the size of your winnings. Still, ether is and would continue to be an internet currency. Therefore, as much as it is potentially lucrative and has tremendous profit opportunities, it is advisable to proceed with caution.

Top crypto platforms to get you started

Whether you are a professional investor or an amateur, if you have an interest in cryptocurrencies, you can get started with the two best platforms ever: BlockFi and Gemini.

Below is a quick comparison chart between the two platforms to help you decide which is best for you.



BlockFi is best recommended for those who:

  • Native crypto clients
  • Curious crypto customers
  • Fringe crypto clients

Gemini is best recommended for those who:

  • Would you like a practical mobile app
  • Experienced crypto investors
  • Investors who want to buy, sell and store their investments in one place

Advantages of BlockFi

  • No surcharge and fees
  • There are the best interest rates according to the current market
  • You can earn, trade and borrow on the same platform

Benefits of having twins

  • Fast registration process
  • Suitable for people of all skill levels
  • It comes with virtual storage wallets to save investments

Disadvantages of BlockFi

  • Beginners can find it difficult to use
  • No investment advisor to help you navigate

Cons of twins

  • It comes with a commission fee and a convenience fee.

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