Jimmy Nguyen speaks about the future of Bitcoin SV at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

The AI ​​& Blockchain Summit recently held in Malta was a huge success for the entire blockchain ecosystem. It provided a wealth of knowledge of what is developing and what innovations are to come, and Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen took some time off to chat with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower about how Bitcoin SV (BSV) works the entire industry.

Of all the developed blockchains, only BSV can process large amounts of data. This is because BSV, just like the original Bitcoin whitepaper is capable of, has enabled large block sizes and is able to scale to levels that no other blockchain can match. Nguyen points out that Bitcoin was essentially designed as a blockchain commodity data ledger with which large amounts of data can be stored in a distributed manner. BTC and BCH did not follow this design, which is why both blockchains are only able to provide them to a limited extent.

Because BSV is so feature-rich, it can process transactions for “less than a tenth of a US cent,” an amount that is significantly cheaper than any other blockchain. This makes it doable for everyone, and makes it accessible to developers, scientists, businesses, and anyone who needs a universal source for big data.

It is also thanks to the low fees and superior scaling that BSV has developed more real-world solutions on the blockchain than have been associated with alternatives. WeatherSV, RateSV, and others offer permanent blockchain solutions that allow data to be monetized in ways never before possible.

What makes BSV even more special is the fact that it managed everything in just one year. November 15th is BSV’s independence day, and the first celebration will take place in a few days. No other blockchain, despite years of development, has been able to develop the quantity or quality of solutions that BSV has seen over the past year, and this is just the beginning. More developments are coming and big companies are starting to notice.

November 15th will be an opportunity to demonstrate the accomplishments of Bitcoin’s capabilities and, as Nguyen puts it, “It’s exciting … [We’re] to see how Bitcoin could always have worked over the years. “

Check out Jimmy Nguyen’s presentation at the Winter 2019 edition of the AI ​​& Blockchain Summit:

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