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John Vallis will moderate the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami on June 4th and 5th. Make sure you now set a reminder for the Bitcoin 2021 YouTube livestream day one and one for the Bitcoin 2021 YouTube livestream day two.

Bitcoin 2021 in Miami is less than a week away and I am excited to see old friends and meet many new faces. Conference MC, John Vallis, is someone I particularly enjoy meeting and talking to.

With his show “Bitcoin Rapid Fire”, Vallis is one of the highest quality podcasters in the Bitcoin sector. He has interviewed bitcoiners of all ages and walks of life, from plebs to CEOs, developers, sovereign individuals, and more. Running this podcast has changed his life since, as he told me, he finally found his tribe. I think a lot of bitcoiners, including myself, can understand that.

When I was fairly new to Bitcoin Twitter, Vallis was the second Bitcoiner to interview me for a podcast. It was great to sit down and talk to him about Bitcoin, life and more. I really enjoy his views and opinions on things and he is someone I listen to when looking for signals in the noise.

I have five questions to Vallis about the start of his podcast, his experience with Bitcoin interviews, the search for pure signals, the current state of the bull market and what he is most looking forward to with Bitcoin 2021. Below are his answers that will help you learn more about the man behind the microphone.

What’s the story behind starting your podcast?

It’s pretty simple really. All I could think of was Bitcoin, and then I kind of stumbled upon Bitcoin Twitter in mid-2019 and found there was more like me, and I started it pretty much out of necessity to get some of those thoughts out of my head to get. My approach to the podcast has always been to have open, relaxed conversations with people I find interesting or with whom I share interests. I tend to examine the more philosophical or “personal development” aspects that seem to be cropping up around Bitcoin. The best part about it, by far, was connecting with unfamiliar plebs and hearing how meaningful the Bitcoin journey was to them. It is really incredible.

You have been hosting a podcast for many years in which you interview people from different backgrounds. Can you immerse yourself in this experience and share how hearing your guests’ different perspectives affected your view of life and Bitcoin?

Well, it was great for one. I realized a few years ago that one of the things I value most in life is real relationships. I love how Bitcoin enables and inspires people to be who they really are because you need both of them to do so in order to really “connect”. Building relationships with good, honest, principled, dedicated, carefree, riding, or dying motherf *** ers has been the Pod’s greatest reward. Of course, it has helped me a lot to refine my thinking, to have a forum in which I can express my thoughts and ideas and mix them with those of my guests. As far as it affected my life, it changed everything, man. Not that much diet and lifestyle stuff, that was always pretty straight to the point, but I just feel like I’ve found my people and they all see a similar vision for the world and are passionate about it. It’s crazy how good it feels to be a part of it.

I know you are about truth, freedom, and asking questions to find out why things are the way they are. In today’s world with so much noise and virtue signals surrounding people, how do people find pure signal and where do they go from there?

Hard question, man. It is not an easy task to “see the truth”. So much can tarnish our ability to do so. All my life I have tried to see things clearly, and before Bitcoin, this pursuit did not always lead me to the most positive realizations. Even so, my attitude has always been, “I’d rather be pampered by the truth than pampered by ignorance.” I don’t think that this type of persecution can be instilled into someone, either they have it or they don’t. At least you have to be curious. I think that is what distinguishes a lot of Bitcoiners. If you keep asking questions, you have to come to the truth at some point, right? And I really believe that Bitcoin is a deep form of truth that we are only just beginning to understand. In fact, I think we act out the truth even more than we consciously understand or include it, hence the phenomenon of “transformation” and my interest in exploring it on the pod. So in a world full of noise, Bitcoin is the pure signal that you should follow. From there, you will effectively become an alchemist. You use your exploration and refinement of your understanding of the truth of the object to facilitate the same process in yourself. Given what my friend Erik Cason describes as an “ontological” object (Bitcoin), I find it hard to see a more rewarding pursuit. “Stranger than we can imagine.”

What do you think of the current state of the bull market, the ongoing FUD and the supply of bitcoin being eaten up by plebs and now institutional players?

I’m paying less and less attention to the markets and all of the FUD and gadgets, man. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and exciting and stuff sometimes, but I’m less and less interested in it. I’ve made up my mind, Bitcoin is IT. It’s so much bigger than most people think. I’d rather spend my time deepening or mingling my understanding and smashing ideas together with other Bitcoiners than worrying about what the rundown fiat world is up to. The more cheap corn the plebs can scoop, the better.

You will be MC’ing Bitcoin 2021 in a couple of weeks. What are you most looking forward to at this meeting?

I’m so excited to help MC Bitcoin 2021 and thank the Bitcoin Mag crew for inviting me. What I look forward to most is meeting and hanging out with everyone. I think the energy there is going to be insane, with everything that has happened in Bitcoin over the past year and the world in general, everyone will be really excited to just mix it up.

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