Katy Perry partners with Theta Network to launch Daily Research Plot

Katy Perry Updates: Katy Perry has announced her first line of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on her Las Vegas residency, which will begin in late 2021.

The singer’s “Play” residence will be premiered at the new Resorts World Casino in Las Vegas. The venue is a 5,000-seater. ‘Play’ is set to premiere this December. Katy’s NFTs are made in conjunction with the Theta Network. Perry has acquired a minority stake in the company. There are no further details on the NFTs, but fans can register here to be notified of the first sale.

In an interview, Katy Perry expressed her feelings about this new company. She said she is excited and curious about starting her first NFTs with the theta network. She called it a unique opportunity for her to connect with her fans around the world even when they weren’t with her in Las Vegas.

About the Theta Team, she said, “I can’t wait to dive into all of the exciting and memorable creative pieces with the Theta Team so that my fans can enjoy a special moment of my residence that is both a digital collectible and an IRL -Experience.”

Katy Perry collaboration


Theta representative Mitch Liu said the event will coincide with the launch of Theta Mainnet 3.0 and working with a global icon like Katy Perry will mark a major turning point in the history of theta that would lead to the global adoption of the theta blockchain . Liu added, “With the help of CAA and Katy’s management team, we are charting a course

Sales of cryptocurrency NFTs took the industry by storm this year as big companies like Kings of Leon, Aphex Twin, and Gorillaz started selling NFTs.

Calvin Harris praised the enthusiasm for non-fungible tokens and said it had the potential to completely revolutionize the music industry. A tribe called Quest is part of the excitement and has announced that it will sell part of their song royalties as NFT.

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