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This week, Bitcoin was all about Korea, although Bitcoin is about Korea every week. Markets falling? Korea’s fault. Markets on the rise? Credit korea. Toll Free Trading Sends Pointless Altcoin Pumping? You bet it’s from Korea. While real news, fake news, and news whose legitimacy is disputed came from the east, there were big stories breaking through the states like the Bitcoin conference in Miami that Bitcoin can’t stand.

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You heard it here first

We don’t tend to slap the face at as complacency never looks good. However, it would be fair to say that many of the biggest Bitcoin stories this week started here before they hit the mainstream media, including European bank Nordea, which banned employees from owning cryptocurrency. Welcome to Miami, where your dirty crypto is not good, we reported on another round after the city’s annual Bitcoin conference stopped accepting Bitcoin, citing Fees and traffic jams.

This week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and loads of crazy

Bitcoin haters had a great day with this one, including the famous economist Paul Krugmanwhich gave us the opportunity to unearth his most famous quote for posterity:

By around 2005 it will be found that the impact of the Internet on the economy is no greater than that of the fax machine.

He never gets tired. It wasn’t just Bitcoin conferences that declared they were no longer dealing with Bitcoin; Microsoft also announced that for similar reasons it had stopped accepting Bitcoin before refusing and declaring it was accept now Bitcoin again. Good thing we cleared that up.

Korean gloom and Japanese applause

There have been so many stories from South Korea in Bitcoin this week that it’s hard to know where to start. It all started when officials asked other nations to help them Curbing Crypto Trading, and from there it turned into the country’s banking system forced to stop the service South Korean crypto exchanges. For further information on South Korean developments – as well as those originating in Brazil, Venezuela and Japan – our loyal writer Kevin Helms got you covered. It was he who wrote the week’s most uplifting story about Japan virtual currency girl, To write:

Their songs contain reminders, advice, and warnings related to cryptocurrency trading. The girls receive their salary in Bitcoin, and the show’s tickets and goods are also sold for the cryptocurrency.

This week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and loads of crazyYou love you lose Another story from the east was that of Malaysia Issuing a cease and desist order for the Copycash ICO. These events are becoming commonplace now, and not just in Asia; The SEC a few days ago suspended trading in a dubious blockchain company with no product. It would be fair to say that the prevailing sentiment in Bitcoin this week has been one of uncertainty, with developments in Asia driving market sentiment as always.

Rumors of a China ban on Bitcoin mining and South Korea’s stock exchange closure for complicity in money laundering abound. Though those stories have been disproved, or at least proven exaggerated, fear has manifested in the markets, with Bitcoin dropping to its lows at around $ 13,000 and losing many of this year’s most hyped altcoins – Ripple, Tron and Star up to 25% of their value.

Ripplets were still bubbling over last week’s history of XRP gateways Freezing customer funds, and did not take Monday in a friendly way Piece on vaporware Billions of dollars in cryptocurrency projects with no working product – in which Tron, Ripple, Verge and Cardano were pilloried. It was the second most popular story this week after one about Bitcoin diamonds casually a 40x. do – and then crash predictably.

Let go of the octopus

Kraken went down on Thursday and then stayed down for no less than 40 hours while it tracked an annoying bug in the system. Upon his return, Kraken promised a fee-free trade for everyone as an excuse. However, 48 hours since his return to life, Kraken has still not enabled any withdrawals. It wasn’t the only exchange have problems this week. A number of curiosities have surfaced in cryptocurrency exchanges lately, although, as always, the craziest stories come from the weird and wonderful world of ICOs.

This week in Bitcoin: Kraken, Korea and loads of crazyThere was the story about the porn ICO CEO who has a ghost with donations and in the same article the story of Dadi’s death. This ICO was hailed as one of the hottest tickets in town until it was discovered that, like Tron, large chunks of his whitepaper were plagiarism. Desperate not to be left behind Kodak also jumped into the ICO game and still a stagnant company called out the blockchain word to cheer yourself up.

The problem with all of this ICO madness is that applying rational thinking to projects doesn’t always work. This week, for example, the Peatcoin ICO was launched, which promises “tokenized investments in peat processing and extraction”. It would be easy to dismiss the project, as this author did with Dentacoin earlier this year. The problem is, the dental industry’s proprietary token now has a market cap of $ 2.5 billion, which fleetingly placed it above Zcash earlier this week. What a time to be alive

See you next week with more weird stories from the world of bitcoins. In the meantime, don’t forget that new podcast (just click on the embed link above). It rocks. You rock. We all rock.

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