Kraken makes a huge Bitcoin and Ethereum prediction in its latest report

Bitcoin has faced some trouble in the past few weeks due to the obstacle at a resistance level of $ 60,000. For its part, Ethereum has seen some big bull runs with the digital asset on its way to a new high. In light of this, prominent analysts have mentioned that Bitcoin is already showing signs of an upward trend.

This claim has also been backed by Crypto Exchange, Kraken. In its latest report, the exchange stated a new high price for the first and second digital asset. In the report, Kraken stated that things should go as predicted; Bitcoin would rise to $ 90,000 while the second digital good, Ethereum, would hit a price in the region of $ 15,000.

Bitcoin is currently in a month with six green dots

The report also claimed that Bitcoin would take a hit first before traders get excited about the famous surge predictions they saw. Kraken mentioned that according to the records so far in history, Bitcoin would lose around $ 10,000 after the bears briefly settled in the market.

After the collapse, the asset would rise again and continue to trade higher to reach the forecast price mark. Although digital assets suffered in March, most of them have been rated very positively by traders and analysts in the market.

In the report, Kraken mentioned that Bitcoin ended the month with a 30% gain, signaling a sixth straight month in the positive region. This is the first time the asset has gone through such a phase, with the previous one going back as far as the 2012/2013 trading period. When it comes to history, Bitcoin may be on the way to hitting the same record, but this time with an increase of around 51%.

Ethereum’s market cap could outperform Bitcoins as it spikes

Bitcoin briefly trades in a region around $ 60,000, with the asset trading in the zone around $ 59,000 this month. If that record repeats itself, the leading digital asset could be within a range of $ 90,000. While Kraken seems to have given Bitcoin a big hill to climb, the Ethereum crypto exchange hasn’t spared the pressure.

With the asset currently trading in a region close to $ 2,000, Kraken said the asset could be the largest resistance test of its entire existence. Should Ethereum also match the projected historical movement, it could look at the $ 15,000 region, according to Kraken’s prediction.

Should this forecast come true, the market capitalization of Ethereum Bitcoin, which is already at $ 1.7 trillion, would be angry. While Kraken has a very optimistic view of the digital assets, the crypto exchange noted that this forecast does not mean that the digital assets will not generate bearish returns in the coming weeks.

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