Kusama, bull run in progress

Different auctions, different Bull run, other incredible returns for investors. Let’s talk about it again Kusama $ KSM, a network that is among the best of the 2021 and confirmed its excellent shape by announcing the extension of its auctions for parachain, after the first five ended with great success.

They are added six, for one process that begins with the next September 1 and that will take several more weeks, with a total of parachain which thus arrives at 11, slavishly after Timeline that the group had imposed on itself.

Another great success for Kusama – next 6 auctions announced

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When the new rods arrive at the Kusama Para chains

As I said, let’s start with the next one September 1, with six new auctions which follow each other for about 6 weeks and end in the first week of October. Rather longer hours, but they were organized in such a way that everyone can undress Mark out their own KSM tokens and then bet on the projects they prefer.

All auctions start with two opening days, followed by 5 days Phase of closure, slavish after what we already have with the Main auction of KSM, a system that will, among other things, show the way for what should happen next Speckle, that is the “superior brother” system from KSM.



In fact, we are reminding our readers that Kusama and the canary network of the project Speckle, i.e. the network on which the innovations are tested, which sooner or later also end up on the latter if the test is positive. A very interesting development process that has shown exactly the desired effects for the time being and has paid off KSM and POINT two cryptocurrencies with great prospects.

Great success for the first 5 auctions

The first five auctions, which took place from June 15 to July 20, were very successful. There were 18 registered crowd loans and over 19,000 auction participants in relation to individual accounts with a total expenditure of over 1,300,000 KSM. A participation that has exceeded the rosiest of expectations and has contributed to the enormous popularity of Kusama with investors in recent weeks.

What can we expect from KSM? Is It Too Late To Invest?

In our opinion, absolutely not. We’ve been following Kusama for a long time, and we’ve added her to our list too emerging cryptocurrencies, trusting in the economic and technological growth potential of this network even for unforeseen times.

We shouldn’t be frightened by the very high prices the token has reached in the past few hours, prices that could actually be a new one. Starting base For a Bull run Maintained in the medium and long term. Kusama, born as a side project and rather carefree from Polkadot, actually shows an enviable autonomy and the ability to lead a life of its own as an investment vehicle. We confirm our usual opinion: KSM remains an interesting, valid and excellent project for diversifying your portfolio.

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