Kusama price analysis: KSM coin gradually marches towards 500 marks

  • The KSM coin is in a downtrend of around -1.8% during the intraday trading session.
  • The 24-hour trading volume is $ 162 million.
  • The KSM / BTC pair is trading negative by -2.3% at 0.00832560 BTC.

The daily technical chart and the price trend of the KSM coin show an upward trend. Based on the pivot plane is the first support zone 325 USDT. From a different perspective, when the going is urgent, that is the resistance level to watch 500 USDT. Thus, the graph formed a bullish inner candlestick pattern as the day progressed and cost will be relied on to stay on the uptrend with unwavering medium force.

The Moving Average Exponential (EMA) Ribbon, consisting of different Emas, serves as a solid support for the price movement of the coins. Investors may notice costs are flying above the green belt, guaranteeing a recovery in Kusama until costs are above it.

Trading volume (12,909 K) is below the 20-day moving average (243,318K). To be clear, the volume is small and increasing, which maintains the cost around the pivot levels. Investors can also check to see if the volume bars on the graph are slanted, showing that exceptional instability is typical on the following trading days.

The MACD indicator shows a (bearish) cross above the signal line on September 17th, which shows a sell-signal in the coin. In addition, investors can see emerging red bars in the Histogram Index.

Kusama (KSM) coin wins 40% in one month

The Kusama price today is $ 403.79 and the 24 hour trading volume is $ 162,273,722. KSM prices have fallen -1.8% in the last 24 hours. The circulation of KSM coins is 9 million and the total circulation is 10 million. The MACD is indicating a sales note and traders have thrown low volume and are continuing to rise. In fact, the costs are above the pivot regions and are on the upswing. Similarly, with the general market outlook, the pattern remains bullish for the trading days ahead.

Resistance Level: $ 500

Support Level: $ 325

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