KUSAMA price analysis: SMA-200 was hunted and could therefore be hunted again

  • You can see the 24-hour trading volume of the tokenis 478,088,634 and the massive gain of 147.01%.
  • The token showed the percentage price gain of 11.07%.
  • The volatility for five days is 25.84%.

The token has lagged behind its 200-day moving average and also below the 50 DMA. The token had dropped below 200 DMAs on May 20th, with the loss of around 46% seen by holders. The first retracement was visible on June 1st and on June 4th the token successfully exceeded 200 DMA. However, he had first crossed 50 DMA and then chased the 200. The graphic above shows the movement of the token in relation to SMA-20, SMA-50 and SMA-200.

Along with this RSI oscillator is also visible. The RSI for the last 5 hours shows the buy action with the value of 64.12. MA-5 indicates the sell action, while MA-10 and MA-20 show the same buy action. Bull / Bear Power announces the purchase action. This was so lonely with this token that it chased the SMA-200 in early June and was running parallel to it. SMA-50 also followed them. Since May 19, the token had seen the price drop, dropping to the 174.83 level. The gradual decline in price was observed and the KSM-BTC pair was at the 0.006168 level and then it has increased 8% in the last 24 hours. The KSM-ETH pair is thus 0.1009 and the gain of 4.32% can be seen. The daily range for the token is between 188.5800 and 238.5400 and currently runs at 217.4500.

Conclusion: The token has significant volatility and has therefore shown a volatility of 83.75% over the past 22 days. That is definitely huge. This also reminds us of the state in which a retracement could be possible in the coming time (5-6 days), where SMA-20 could again chase SMA-50 and SMA-200.

Technical instruments:

Pivot point: 228.9667

R-1: 232.0227

R-2: 233.9107

S-1: 225.9107

S-2: 224.0227

(Note: the unit is USD)

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