Love After Locking Up: John Miller and Terra Get Close – Has He Cheated on Mrs. Kristianna Roth?

Love after being locked up John Miller flirts with the sister-in-law Terra while Mrs. Kristianna Roth is in jail. John has been spending time with his in-laws while they have time, but does Terra get too close? Maybe all this togetherness isn’t such a good thing.

Love after being locked up: John Miller picks up the pieces while the woman is in jail

John Miller and Kristianna Roth met in prison and were married in a traditional Native American ceremony shortly after their release. The couple began their happy life together only to be left out of a bad decision. While Kristianna Roth and her husband began their marriage, she lived in a house halfway.

She derailed and relapsed, eventually breaking parole. Kristianna Roth left the house halfway without permission and ended up back in prison. WE tv’s John was left alone while the couple still learned from each other. Now John is taking the time to get closer to his new in-laws.

Meanwhile, Kristianna stays in touch and calls home if she can. That way, they can keep their connection going and keep their relationship with Love After Lockup alive. She tells her husband the next episode she’ll be out in a month. John Miller is excited about this news and can’t wait to see it.

Terra’s sister is worried about her appearance

Kristianna Roth is happy to be enjoying a little more love again soon after the lockup, but worries that she will have to go on a keto diet. John says he’s not worried about her weight gain and that his love for her is much deeper than looks. John Miller swears he loved her before, and he loves her even more now.

His wife packed 35 pounds more, she said. But her husband is not worried. According to her husband from Love After Lockup, her weight gain is a good sign. It shows that she is clean and healthy. John really misses Kristianna terribly, leading to Terra teasing him for missing her.

Kristianna missed a lot in prison. Because John has her on the speakerphone, the whole family hears her say she’s excited to verbally please him when she’s not around. So John Miller wants to speak privately. In the meantime, Terra and her mother pissed him off for being “crazy in the diaphragm”.

Love After Prison: John Miller - Terra - Life After Prison

John and Terra flirt too much for mom on Love After Lockup

While getting to know the family is a good thing, Mother Roth says that new son-in-law, John Miller, and daughter Terra are way too flirtatious. Terra teases her brother-in-law by saying he missed her when he said, “I miss you terribly [Terra-bly]. “Now Kristiann’s mother is concerned that something might happen between John and his sister-in-law, and she hopes it doesn’t.

Love After Lockup fans are already wondering about the two after Terra’s preview talking to her sister’s husband while wearing only a towel. There is a lot of speculation about what is happening between them. Are John and Terra really getting any closer than they should? In real time, she is now out of jail and has been spotted with her husband in Vegas.

The prison system recently released Kristianna Roth. And she reunited with John. The last pictures also showed her with a kind of baby bump. While everyone is wondering – did he cheat on his spouse with Terra – he is clearly with his wife now. John Miller and his wife wasted no time reconnecting based on their reported pregnancy.

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