Make peace with the price of Bitcoin and slowly pile up the sats

Crypto at a glance

With Jason Deane

It’s been another week of lackluster market performance, low volumes, and constant rumors of a possible Bitcoin surrender to levels not seen since, well, a few months ago.

So what exactly is going on?

I have been asked this question many times this week by journalists from all media who are naturally looking for explanations. However, the reality is that the answer is probably easier than meets the eye. Based on James Carville’s famous – and rather blunt – comment from 1992 “It’s the markets, stupid”.

Markets often move on momentum and sentiment rather than fundamentals. While these fundamentals, especially in the case of Bitcoin, will remain extremely strong as adoption and usage increases, right now it is simply not seen as enough to generate the buzz that was seen back in February and March.

And you know what? That’s okay.

Quiet times like these are perfect opportunities to build and consolidate without the distraction of uncontrolled pricing, as well as excellent opportunities for savvy investors to calmly stack more sats at what may someday be an extremely advantageous price. At the same time, Bitcoin’s famous volatility has been tamed, at least for now, as both buyers and sellers place their orders with the urgency of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

For me, who only thinks long-term with Bitcoin, this is a reminder of how unimportant the short-term price of Bitcoin really is. This is a truly intergenerational asset, a way to hold and transfer assets not just over long distances but over long periods of time.

So whether Bitcoin stays where it is, moves up, or maybe even satisfies the bears for a while, it’s all good. The future is where it is.

That’s great because that’s where we all go anyway.

Have a nice weekend!


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Yesterday Crypto AM Daily in collaboration with Luno

Crypto AM Daily in collaboration with Luno

In the markets

The bitcoin economy

* For definitions and insights, see

Total crypto market capitalization

The total capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market at the time of writing is currently $ 1,307,229,550,116.

What Bitcoin did yesterday

We got yesterday, July 15, 2021, for the price of. closed $ 31,780.73, down from $ 32,822.35 the previous day.

The daily high was $ 33,159.64 yesterday and the daily low was $ 31,175.71.

Around this time last year, Bitcoin’s price closed the day at $ 9,132.23. In 2019, it closed at $ 9,477.64.

Bitcoin market capitalization

Bitcoin’s market capitalization at the time of writing is $ 593.07 billion. For comparison, the market capitalization of gold is $ 11.591 trillion and Facebook is $ 976.7 billion.

Bitcoin volume

The total spot trading volume reported by all exchanges in the last 24 hours was $ 23,479,499,176, down from $ 19,977,822,169 yesterday. High volumes may indicate that significant price movement has stronger support and is more likely to last.


Bitcoin’s price volatility over the past 30 days is 62.02%.

Fear and greed index

The market sentiment is today 22nd

Bitcoin’s market dominance

Bitcoin’s market dominance is today 46.01, The lowest dominance ever recorded was 37.09 on January 8, 2018.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The daily RSI is currently 39.47. Values ​​of 70 or above indicate that an asset is overbought and may be prepared for a trend reversal or price correction – an RSI of 30 or below indicates an oversold or undervalued condition.

Convince your Nan: Soundbite of the day

“I think my view has evolved a little, but it’s pretty consistent … If people want to buy bitcoin as a replacement, no different from buying gold or some other asset, that’s fine. Personally, I don’t want it in my portfolio, but if people want, that’s fine. “

– A positive-sounding endorsement from former US Treasury Secretary and skeptic Steven Mnuchin

What they said yesterday

Big Jack is back …

Square is launching a new company (affiliated with Seller, Cash App, and Tidal) that will focus on building an open developer platform with the sole goal of making it easier to create non-custodial, license-free, and decentralized financial services. Our main focus is on #Bitcoin. His name is TBD.

– jack (@jack) July 15, 2021


After years of studying, I believe that cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is the only way out of the looming inflationary disaster and intervening financial watchdog state and that people who are salty with it are unlikely to get as much of it as they’d like.

-? (@eric_lombrozo) July 15, 2021


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Warning notices

It is certainly tempting to get carried away with the excitement, but please heed this warning: do your own research, invest only what you can afford, and make good decisions. Hopefully the indicators included in this article will help with that. Remember, however, that the content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or any form of recommendation or invitation. City AM, Crypto AM, and Luno always advise you to seek your own independent financial advice before investing or trading in cryptocurrency.

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