Mastercard and Cisco join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) recently joined 34 new members including Mastercard, Cisco, Scotiabank and the Andhra Pradesh government, bringing the consortium’s total membership to over 150 organizations.

On July 18, 2017, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance published a press release claiming that the EEA became “the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative” with 34 new members and a total size of over 150 participants. According to the consortium, which is focused on the development of the Ethereum blockchain, the newest members of the EEA represent “a wide variety of businesses including technology, banking, government, healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing and insurance, and a number of rapidly growing Ethereum companies. Startups. “

The main concept of the non-profit organization is to “build, promote and broadly support best practices for Ethereum-based technology, open standards and open source reference architectures”.

There was a bit of confusion in the Ethereum Reddit community as Mastercard was not listed among the new members in the EEA press release. However, Andrew Keys, Head of Global Business Development at ConsenSys, clarified the problem.

“Mastercard is indeed a new member of the EEA. They asked not to appear in the press release but agreed to appear on the official EEA website. They may be making their own communications about it, ”he wrote.

CEOs and representatives from many of the newly joined EEA members expressed their gratitude and commitment to the project.

“As Fintech Valley Vizag in Andhra Pradesh wants to become a major center for financial technology, it is working on introducing more robust and less expensive systems. Given security issues around the world, there is no doubt that blockchain technology will be the biggest disruptor not only in the financial world, but also in the world [in] a range of online and offline sectors. We are interested in integrating blockchain technology into governance and look forward to our collaboration with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and market access for the community ”, JA Chowdary, Special Secretary and IT Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Government of Andhra Pradesh (India ). specified.

“OTP Bank continues to rely on innovative technologies. Today we think that the most valuable asset is the trust between the bank and the customer. Blockchain technology offers several advanced solutions in [the] Security industry. OTP Bank chose Ethereum as a partner because we consider it to be a state-of-the-art blockchain technology. By joining the Ethereum community, OTP will be able to [to] achieve your goals smoothly. The common standards and best practices that are developing in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance make our IT systems more secure and more sophisticated, ”says László Popovics, Head of IT Innovations at OTP Bank – the leading bank in Hungary and one of the largest independent financial services provider in Central and Eastern Europe – wrote.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was founded in late February by a group of financial institutions, blockchain startups and innovators. The consortium – with JP Morgan and Intel as the best-known names among the founding members – aims to standardize blockchain technology for corporate environments. At the time of the start of the EEA, the participants created a reference architecture for their project called “EntEth 1.0”, which is more geared towards data protection.

With the exception of Mastercard from the list, the newest members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance are:

2 advise; Amalto Technologies; Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK); Aquilon Energy Services, Inc .; ASSETH; BLOCKO Inc .; Bloq; Cisco Systems; Cybersoft Digital Services Corp .; Enter Corporation Co., Ltd. a;, Inc .; Finclusion Labs, Inc. (; Government of Andhra Pradesh; HashCash advisor; HEAL Alliance;; Lazarski University; Loyalty Corporation; MadHive; Mattr; NetObjex Inc .; OTP Bank Plc .; QIWI Blockchain Technologies LLC .; Binge; RISKebiz; Scotland Bank; Streami Inc .;; Technical University of Munich; Texcent Asia Pte Ltd; TIS R&D Center, Inc .; TokenCard / Monolith; Ventured and Ypse IT solutions.

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