MEXC Global supports Avalaunch in strengthening the avalanche

Singapore, Aug 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MEXC Global is proud to partner with Avalaunch to improve the efficiency of the Avalanche blockchain. The aim of the two companies is to provide a medium for potential projects to flourish. MEXC and Avalaunch agree that the Avalanche network has a bright future.

Avalaunch, powered by the Avalanche blockchain, is a multi-function launchpad. It harbors several functions, including providing fair fundraising services. What’s more, it’s easy to use and comes with top notch Initial DEX Offering services.

Avalaunch strengthens the avalanche network

Avalaunch has attracted the interest of several international communities around the world. As announced on Twitter, Vietnam is the latest addition to its international following. Others who have previously joined the launchpad’s journey include Turkey, Japan, and China.

This week Avalaunch plans to launch its first IDO with tutorials to guide investors. The event makes Avalanche and Avalaunch’s token $ XAVA known in the financial world.

A future made for greatness

Avalaunch is by far the most promising launch pad in the Avalanche ecosystem. The platform puts the interests of investors first. It has high-end features i.e. stable and dynamic pools, multiple auction types with a wide range of crypto assets including stablecoins.

MEXC’s steady growth and many years of experience with incubation services and IEOs have made it more than just a trading platform. By partnering with Avalaunch, the exchange confirms its character as a true advocate for innovation. Additionally, MEXC Global has an extensive listing of digital assets and a huge trading volume of over $ 500 million. These facts certainly confirm to investors that the future of Avalanche is as bright as the sun.

Since Avalanche wants to grow into one of the best blockchain networks, it needs an unwavering foundation. MEXC contributes its extensive resources to advance the network by providing liquidity for projects in their most important development phase. Avalaunch’s IDO in conjunction with MEXC’s IEO means success for every project that uses Avalanche.

MEXC Global also plans to integrate its platform with Avalanche’s C-chain. This will elevate Avalanche’s status in the blockchain space as the network has access to MEXC’s enormous customer base.

Mark Stanwyck, founder of Avalaunch, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We are very excited to be working with MEXC to incubate the early Avalanche ecosystem. Every step of the way, the MEXC team was really interested in learning more about the technology and the community. ”That makes Avalanche unique, which is incredibly important to us as an accelerator. We are confident that through the combination of networks and the enormous reach of MECX, we can help to draw attention and exchange of ideas to this really special platform. “

About Avalaunch

Avalaunch enables new and innovative projects to prepare for launch, with the focus and emphasis on fair and wide distribution. Gracefully operated by the Avalanche platform, its values ​​are deeply ingrained in the early Avalanche community. Leveraging Avalanche’s scalable, high throughput, low latency platform, Avalaunch is designed by users for teams to build strong communities.

Projects are thus connected to confident and informed users who are properly aligned with the long-term goals of the rapidly growing application ecosystem. To learn more about this great project visit their social media pages: website, twitter, telegram.

About MEXC Global

MEXC is a leading global crypto exchange, the best one-stop trading solution. It offers projects and investors, among other things, trading, token circulation and fixed-term deposits. The platform supports over 850 cryptos and tokens and has the most certificates for global compliance.

To interact directly with the continuously growing community and learn more about this enormous global exchange, visit their social media pages: website, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter.

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