Midst De-List FUD, OKEx to start a Bitcoin SV based exchange: Float SV


When Binance’s CEO threatened to remove Bitcoin SV (BSV) from the list for Craig’s Wright for being Satoshi Nakamoto, another Bitcoin SV proponent Jack C. Liu partnered with Okex Exchange to create a separate Start exchange. Together they planned to start Float SV, a BSV-based exchange.



Jack C. Liu is a crypto entrepreneur; He has founded and worked with various crypto-based start-ups such as Circle, RelayX and has also been associated with the OKGroup for a long time. Liu is also a consultant to OK Group and previously served as a senior executive at the exchange firm.

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Float SV, a BSV-based exchange

Float SV Exchange plans to list only “real assets” like stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments and only cryptocurrencies that follow the Proof of Work (PoW) SHA-256 algorithm. Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] are the two most popular cryptocurrencies based on PoW SHA-256. Still, there are more than 95 other cryptocurrencies that follow the same algorithm.

Jack C. Liu tweeted on April 12th:

“Utility” tokens in the plans for float, but it would be good to list real asset tokens in the BSV chain.

The exchange will start in April. In addition, it could reportedly be launched ahead of time if other exchanges remove Bitcoin SV from the list. As the CEO of Binance, Changpang Zhao issued a warning to remove Bitcoin SV from the list. Two popular hashtags that will soon hit the crypto community are: #DelistBSV and #WeAreAllHodlonaut.

A. Pompliano, a leading bitcoin and crypto figure on crypto twitter and founder of Morgan Creek Capital, also tweeted on the subject:

Every exchange should simultaneously delist BSV on May 1st in solidarity with the only bitcoin that ever mattered … #DelistBSV

Float SV is a powerful move aimed at restoring the trust of its followers. It also highlights the freedom and adaptability of the decentralized structure, which remains untouched and continues to grow even after it was almost rejected by the world’s largest exchange.

Will Bitcoin SV become a successful payment channel even after the deletion of major exchanges? Please share your views on the new Float SV Exchange.

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