Minerva shows the AME Roundup crowd what the TERRA AI software can do

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on Jan 16, 2020

Minerva Intelligence announces that it will showcase its TERRA software for artificial intelligence in mining at the AME Roundup 2020 conference in Vancouver, Canada next week.

Minerva’s core competency is to combine machine intelligence with human intelligence to produce explainable, quick conclusions that enable cost-effective decision-making.

The TERRA-Suite uses this knowledge to put together a number of software applications that “help customers to harmonize and use poorly structured or older data, to create new and precisely verifiable geological targets for 92 different mineral deposit types, underutilized 3D- Optimize drilling data and provide fast, intelligent discovery of documents, ”it said.

Minerva claims it has carried out a number of projects for government agencies that focus on generating public domain exploration targets to encourage mining in their territory. A project from 2004 that was carried out in the Yukon, Canada, has recently been updated. The analysis of the exploration areas highlighted by the project shows a very good correlation with the claims made for exploration claims today, 15 years after the study.

Minerva will showcase this technology at the Roundup Innovation Hub, an area reserved for conference attendees to showcase the latest innovations in mineral exploration. Minerva will demonstrate its advanced augmented reality technology as well as the TERRA product suite at the hub.

The 2020 AME Roundup Conference will take place January 20-23 at the Vancouver Convention Center.

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