MIOTA price analysis: The IOTA crypto price is consolidating between the moving average

  • MIOTA coin price is currently seeing consolidated momentum on the daily chart, but may soon return to bullish momentum. It is currently trading at a loss of more than 1.3% on the intraday session.
  • The technical indicators of the IOTA price point to a consolidation in the price. In contrast, the IOTA / BTC pair posted a loss of more than 2.41% on the intraday session.

The IOTA crypto price is currently observing weak momentum, but may soon return to the upward trend in the future. The price of MIOTA is currently close to the $ 1.9 value, up more than 9%. The asset price has an ROI of more than 175 732.03% that has remained profitable for investors for a very long time. MIOTA could face hostility as it moves up near the $ 2.5 level

Meanwhile, the bounceback area can be observed near $ 0.75. The IOTA / BTC pair has also seen some weak downtrend but may soon return to the uptrend. You can invest in MIOTA according to your needs and risk situations.

MIOTA’s price must cover more than 50% of its current value to break its all-time high. The price of IOTA is currently trading between the 50 and 100 Daily Moving Average and may soon see a negative crossover in the future. The 100 MA line is close to $ 1.18 making it a temporary support zone for the price. When the coin price drops 15 to 20% below the current level, a sharp downward trend in the price can be seen. One can invest in the iota according to one’s needs and risk situations.

The dominance of the MIOTA coin market along with the market capitalization is decreasing and may soon test the lower levels. The ratio of volume to market capitalization of the IOTA indicates a downward price trend for the future.

IOTA crypto price bears could push it to lower levels

Source: trade view

The weekly technical chart of the IOTA price suggests weak price dynamics that can push the price to lower levels. On the daily chart, the coin price sees a weak trend. It states that the asset price can experience a consolidation before it hits a new high. You can predict a strong rally at MIOTA in the future


The IOTA coin price is currently experiencing a weak upward momentum, but may soon hit a new high. The IOTA / BTC pair may continue to see the same bullish trend going forward


Main grant: $ 0.5

Main Resistance: $ 1.5

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