NanoVMs starts investment round on StartEngine

NanoVMs, The Unikernel infrastructure company, which runs software faster and more securely than Linux, has started an investment campaign Start the engine.

The startup has raised over $ 40,000 in less than a week. NanoVMs was founded by industry experts and is developing a new operating system for the cloud based on Unikernel technology. Unikernels can be provided for all public cloud providers, in private data centers and on the edge.

By focusing on the execution of one application per virtual machine, the software can be executed faster, more securely and more cost-effectively than established systems.

NanoVMs has registered four patents for its technology and received two of them.

NanoVMs has existing customers and has received a grant from the Department of Energy and has worked with the United States Air Force.

NanoVMs has previously increased 2.4 million. Early investors include Initialized Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Hack.VC, L2 Ventures, Gula Tech Ventures, InnerLoop Capital, and more.

The campaign will help fund sales and product development as well as more research and development.

Investors receive perks based on the amount invested, and the minimum investment is $ 100.

For more information on NanoVMs and investing, please visit

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