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For the past two weeks, many Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents have been waiting for the Nchain company to release their Bitcoin SV code base. On Wednesday, August 29th, the company released its alpha version to show miners and pool operators the code. In addition, a mining pool called “SV Pool” was announced that will allow miners to direct their hashrate to the SV client.

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Nchain releases Bitcoin SV Alpha Client

Originally, Nchain had promised its open source code base in the first week of September, instead the company released its Alpha release on August 29th. However, Nchain says they still intend to release a more polished version in the first week of September. The current alpha code is based on Bitcoin ABC 17.2 with some differences, including a new soft limit of 32 MB, OP_MUL, OP_INVERT, LSHIFT and RSHIFT integration, the limit of 201 opcodes per script has been removed and the automatic playback protection for the 15th November, 2018 has been removed.

Nchain publishes Bitcoin SV Alpha Release 128 MB functional tests are mentioned here.

At the moment there isn’t much evidence in the code of increasing the block size by 128MB, which has caused some controversy in the community. However, seven days ago, a functional tests addition was implemented in the code that said, “Add some new functional tests to verify that the block size flags can be set through the bitcoind.conf file, and to verify that it is possible to do so is processing 128 million blocks. “Many people believe that after the Alpha code is first released, there will be new changes to the code in the future.

“This is an alpha version, the purpose of which is to provide a preview of the code in response to queries from miners and pool operators,” explains the Github repository.

This is not a release candidate. Work on a beta version for the 1st week of September in line with the initial announcement of the Bitcoin SV is still ongoing.

SV Pool starts pre-registration

Nchain publishes Bitcoin SV Alpha Release In addition to the alpha code version, a mining pool was started so that miners can refer their hash rate to the Bitcoin SV client. The website leads to the SV Pool registration page, which displays a circular image of a Chinese dragon and a welcome message in Chinese. A rough translation of the website says:

Welcome to SV Pool – We are a brand new public swimming pool in line with the original Nakamoto vision and Bitcoin SV agreement. Pre-registration to receive updates – We will be releasing the first version of the public swimming pool in September and the full version in November.

Around 11:20 am, Craig Wright, EDT Nchain’s Chief Scientist Posted via the pool to his Twitter followers. Of course, many BCH fans are wondering what will happen next in terms of the November upgrade. In addition, many speak of a miners’ meeting take place in Chinaand discussions on the subject can be seen on forums and social media. Today’s release of the Bitcoin SV code and the launch of a mining pool have certainly sparked a lot of conversations about the upcoming upgrade.

What do you think of the Bitcoin SV alpha code base release and the launch of the SV pool? What do you expect this November? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments section below.

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