Neo News: Week in Review – November 23rd


Flamingo Finance announced the upcoming introduction of governance components that allow users to vote on new proposals. Flamingo’s first governance proposal will be put to the vote in early December. With this proposal, the community can decide whether or not to use GAS generated by blocked NEO in the nNEO contract for a Perp trade competition. The team is also testing the Perp contract in preparation for a release in mid-December and is working on a new mechanism to resolve issues with pegging n-assets.

Elrond announced the beginning of its integration with Poly Network. After completion of the implementation, applications and tokens in the Elrond MainNet can establish a connection to other participating blockchains and transfer them. Elrond is trying to use the protocol to encourage the transfer of valuable or liquid assets such as BTC or ERC-20 tokens onto its blockchain. It also hopes to enable assets on Elrond to participate in DeFi opportunities on other networks.

NNT catching up

Neo News Today hosted Nash’s director of global business development, Kellogg Fairbank, for a demonstration of Nash Link – Nash’s new payment platform for merchants. Fairbank also provided a demo of Nash Link Invoice, a new service that allows contractors to create invoices and accept payments in cryptocurrency.

NNT hosted Neo Economy founder and Switcheo node validator Vincent Geneste for the first article in the Know Your Validator series. NNT hopes the Know Your Validator range will provide the Switcheo community with more information on Validator node candidates to communicate their voting decisions with. In the interview, Geneste discusses his background, principles that guide his voting decisions, the assessment of the community mood, ideas for future improvements and much more.

Developer groups

COZ announced the launch of Neo Boa v0.5 with updates that enable multiple cross-contract calls, storage and status manipulation, and more.

NEXT and O3 Labs held NEO giveaways to celebrate Thanksgiving. O3 Labs distributed 5 NEO and NEXT distributed 50 GAS.


On November 24th, Switcheo announced the adoption of the Switcheo Development Fund proposal. To apply for the SDF, applicants must first share their idea in the community and then submit a proposal. All SDF projects must be open source so that the Switcheo community can continue to improve the project and build on it.

On November 25th, Alchemint announced that 50% of its SDS token offering had been migrated to the Ethereum blockchain. To avoid confusion with the NEP-5 token, the ticker symbol of the ERC-20 version is ALM. Users who migrated tokens from NEP-5 SDS can expect to wait two weeks before receiving the newly converted ERC-20 ALM.

On November 27th, Nash exceeded $ 100 million in trade since its inception.

On November 27th, Nash released an episode of his podcast Beyond the Chain with Chief Design Officer Nathaniel Walpole and UX designer Erika Truscott discussing the nuances of design for the blockchain space.


December 7-12: Switcheo visits the Singapore Fintech Festival.

December 9-12: Neo SPCC speaks at SmartData Data Engineering Conference.

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