New funding for Avalanche Canada will help keep the people of Kootenays safe – MLA Brittny Anderson

Nelson-Creston MLA Brittny Anderson welcomes $ 10 million in funding in support of Avalanche Canada.

In a media release, the first-time MLA Anderson said the funding will be used to develop and provide avalanche safety and awareness in the mountainous areas of the province.

“People in our area love to enjoy nature all year round,” said Anderson.

“We also know that the danger of avalanches in our beautiful mountains in winter is very high.”

About 75% of all Canadian avalanche deaths occur in BC, and about 90% of Avalanche Canada’s services are provided in that province.

Anderson said a significant chunk of those two numbers is happening in the Kootenays and this grant will allow Avalanche Canada to expand its regional forecasting to underserved areas in BC, increase its avalanche safety training program for teens, and offer more programs for winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

“I’m really glad these funds are being used to keep our residents and visitors safe in the hinterland when we see them back,” said Anderson.

Avalanche Canada, a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to public avalanche safety, publishes free avalanche forecasts for much of western Canada’s mountainous regions every day throughout the winter.

Avalanche Canada also coordinates and runs avalanche awareness and training programs, provides curriculum and support for the Avalanche Canada training program instructors, acts as a single point of contact for avalanche information and works closely with many different avalanche research projects, both at home and abroad.

This investment will also enable Avalanche Canada to use the federal funds made available in 2019 to implement the National Avalanche Strategy.

“We are grateful to the BC government for this funding,” said Gilles Valade, executive director of Avalanche Canada. “This ensures the long-term sustainability of all of our programs and enables us to expand our services to underserved regions of the province.”

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