New theory from alleged Ripple experts predicts 9 price for XRP coins by the end of the year

Although the Ripple community is often on the same page for changes and improvements, a recent theory by user Bearableguy123 has created a divide. His theory is that the token will rise to $ 589 before the end of 2018. Some reports suggest that Bearableguy123 is a Ripple insider, which is one of the other concerns that are up for debate.

The user has made several predictions over the year, including allegations of alleged partnerships. His predictions of price movements were also pretty accurate, leading many to follow recommendations on when to keep the coins. The user, BG123, is best known for an image showing Ripple rising above Bitcoin.

This image has many components, including a knight who could represent Brad Garlinghouse, a king without a mouth, and a human-like doll. While there is no need to confirm the interpretations just yet, these symbols seem to indicate that Ripple is associated with the bank profiteers known as the Rothschilds.

There are three ways the coin can hit the forecast value of $ 589:

  1. The introduction of xRapid, based on the possible increase in trading volume.
  2. The burning of XRP that has been ramping up to encourage greater trading volume.
  3. Introducing an update that will increase the speed of the platform.

Experts believe that the most likely change will be the first of the changes. Basically, if the XRP volume for cross-border transactions is increased, the trading volume can increase over time. In the end, more XRP will be bought, which will also be sold on exchanges.

A channel on YouTube, Working Money, has decided to post a video that breaks down what exactly the community can expect if xRapid launches right afterwards. In his calculations, he found that the daily turnover during this time would be around 7.25%, while the average daily volume would be $ 191 million. Additionally, he believed that Ripple price would largely depend on what percentage of the market share SWIFT captured.

SWIFT processes approximately $ 4.7 trillion every business day. Even with a 1% claim on the deal, xRapid would grow to $ 47.8 billion. If you consider that the trading volume is currently 1/250 of that, it equates to about $ 5.56. Even if xRapid took over SWIFT entirely, Ripple’s total price would still be only $ 526.

Almost a year ago, Ripple CTO David Schwartz noted:

“It all depends on how big you want to dream. What if Ripple captures Bitcoin’s current market share? $ 2 What if Ripple captures the value of all high friction international payments that are happening now? $ 20. What if Ripple captures the value of an increasing volume of international payments, driven by the reduction in frictional losses? Maybe $ 120. “

Schwartz thought this was unlikely at the time and said:

“The ripple, which will equate to Bitcoin’s current market cap at some point in the near future, doesn’t seem any more outrageous to me than the idea that Bitcoin will sell for over $ 1,000 in 2012.”

Despite all of these potential factors, it just doesn’t seem realistic for XRP to reach the predicted heights.

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