Nissan Terra is available for sale in China

The combination of a new SUV with the ever-growing Chinese industry is a recipe for success for the world’s automobile manufacturers, including the Japanese at Nissan.

On Thursday, the automaker announced the launch of the Nissan Terra SUV in China as it has a larger share of the expanding segment of the world’s most dynamic automotive market.

The Terra is Nissan’s first body-on-frame SUV launched by the automaker as part of the Nissan MOVE offensive. He hopes sales will increase from 12.8 trillion yen to 16.5 trillion yen by 2022.

The SUV is presented in the local market as a descendant of the Nissan Patrol and is built to use one 4WD-DIFF locking system. It stands 225 millimeters above the ground and has a rear suspension system with five trailing arms.

Only one engine is offered under the hood of the Terra Nissan, the QR25 four-cylinder, which develops 180 hp and 251 Nm of torque.

In the interior, the Japanese claim, the Terra offers more space in the rear than any other competitor as well as the best loading capacity in its class. It is equipped with seven airbags and Nissan weightless seats that are optimized for longer journeys.

Driver assistance technologies are included in the Nissan Safety Shield package and range from lane departure warning to emergency braking.

“The design of the Nissan Terra is both tough and practical, reliable for everyday use, and gives our customers the freedom to go anywhere and explore beyond their everyday lives,” said Ashwani Gupta, Nissan President for Light Commercial Vehicles.

“The Nissan Terra builds on our strong SUV heritage while taking into account the needs of the Asian customer and the performance of our sophisticated frame vehicles.”

Pricing for the model has not yet been announced. Locally, the car will be sold by dealerships in Dongfeng and Zhengzhou, but several other Asian markets are slated to see the new Terra on their streets shortly.

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