No settlement plans as Ripple aggressively fights the lawsuit

Ripple is ruling out any plans to reach an agreement with the SEC as the company continues to act aggressively.

No settlement plans

In a recent tweet, financial analyst and journalist Charles Gasparino wrote that Ripple’s legal team had told financial media company Fox Business that it had no plans to resolve the case with SEC Gary Gensler that:

“In pursuing the case, winners and losers in the crypto business are selected at the expense of innovation.”

BREAKING: @Ripple’s legal team tells @FoxBusiness that they have no plans to resolve a legal dispute related to XRP with @SEC_Enforcement. Develop story

– Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) September 17, 2021

Thrift in Ripple’s attitude

Well, that’s something for the SEC to be careful and worry about. Back in January of this year, when Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was asked the similar question of whether Ripple would be viewed as an outside settlement with the SEC, he had responded without giving any details they had attempted and in the best interests of the community, consumers and market they will continue to do so. This savings statement is clearly explanatory and shows a shift in Ripple’s strategy.

Future of US crypto regulation

The assertiveness with which Ripple is proceeding in the lawsuit is not in vain. In fact, throughout the case process, Ripple has emerged as the aggressor and pushed the Fed regulator into the background.

For the SEC, the outlook doesn’t look good at all. If Ripple continues to pursue the same strategy and get the SEC to drop the lawsuit, it would certainly earn the Fed regulator a bad name.

On the contrary, the outlook looks pretty good for Ripple and the crypto community as a whole. As for regulation in the US, once the lawsuit is closed, the community will likely have a clear path forward.

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