Non-intrusive drainage for greens from Aqua Terra Europe

Relative rainfall is always welcomed by groundskeepers and greenkeepers, but when the amount of rainfall gets too high, soil conditions deteriorate and can ultimately cause long-term problems. Therefore, good golf course drainage is essential and a prerequisite for maintaining an excellent turf surface. The passive capillary drainage from Aqua-Terra was developed to solve exactly this problem.

With today’s changing weather conditions, it is a constant challenge to ensure that courses meet the expectations of members and visitors – all year round. Closed greens and squares have a negative impact on member satisfaction and ultimately on club income.

Passive Capillary Drainage (PCD) consists of a stainless steel mesh core that can quickly remove large amounts of water using the dual gravity flow and capillary attraction method. The biggest advantage is that it is very unobtrusive on the greens and the disturbance for clubs is kept to an absolute minimum. especially for those who have a lot of play.

A network is created beneath the surface to drain water underground and in a single drain. It is the only system that can be drawn into a golf green at close intervals to provide a more efficient drainage system and improve lawn health in chronically wet soils. No motors, pumps, or energy consuming devices are required. A single green can usually be installed in a day, with play starting immediately upon completion with minimal disruption to the putting surface; There is no digging, lifting, or clearing of the lawn, or long-term maintenance required. Compared to traditional drainage systems, the installation cost is lower, but the coefficient of surface drainage is higher.

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