Occam receives strategic investment from Cardano Early-Stage VC-Fonds

Cardano’s innovation fund has invested in the Occam.fi ecosystem.

The cFund supports projects to build a critical infrastructure for the Cardano blockchain.

Occam.fi is a suite of DeFi solutions designed to provide decentralized launchpad functions, DEX tools, swap functions and liquidity pools for Cardano-native tokens. Occam.fi is one of the earliest and most significant additions to Cardano’s rapidly growing DeFi landscape.

The first component of Occam.fi’s ecosystem is the decentralized funding platform or launchpad called OccamRaze, which can facilitate fundraising through OccamRazer’s initial decentralized offering (IDO) features.

Charles Hoskinson, founder of the technology company IOHK behind the Cardano blockchain, said Occam’s work could help move projects into the next phase of development.

“We are pleased that Cardano receives more and more money and benefits,” he said.

“Supporting the next generation of innovative projects is a major focus for Cardano, and projects like Occam will play a key role in advancing the ecosystem.”

Occam.fi’s development team is a member of the Plutus Pioneer Program – an educational program that focuses on developing Cardano-based applications – and expects to have the necessary components for the transition from Ethereum after the introduction of smart contracts to Cardano by the Alonzo. hard fork stand ready.

Part of his treasury

The Occam Association will use the awarded funds as part of its treasury to improve and enrich the Cardano ecosystem through the “Occelerator” program – an incubator designed to guide Cardano projects from early-stage to launch .

Mark Berger, president of the Occam Association, said he believed the cFund investment would leave both Occam and Cardano with an enduring legacy.

“Today is an important occasion to recognize Occam.fi’s commitment to Cardano,” he said.

“We have embarked on the ambitious mission of bringing DeFi and decentralized launchpad functions to Cardano, and a strategic investment by cFund – and the associated know-how – will be crucial in making Occam.fi a lasting success make.”

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