“Of course I hate Bitcoin success”: Miners embed Charlie Munger’s quote in blockchain forever

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At the last annual general meeting, Vice Chairman Charlie Munger did not hesitate to express his personal dislike Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) known.

“Of course I hate Bitcoin success, and I don’t welcome any currency that is useful for kidnappers and blackmailers and so on,” said the 97-year-old value investor.

Needless to say, the Bitcoin community didn’t appreciate these statements, and Bitcoin miners even went so far as to embed the particular quote on the Bitcoin blockchain forever.

“Of course I hate the Bitcoin success. Munger / Mined by sosyun”, it says in the Coinbase data on block number 681629.

The mining pool behind the block was identified as F2Pool, but the words “Mined by sosyun” on Twitter gave rise to speculation that the responsible Bitcoin miner was SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS).

When new blocks are generated on the blockchain, an attribute called “coinbase” allows the creator to enter special values ​​to make the block unpredictable to others.

Although most of the blocks usually contain mining-related data, certain hidden text messages have occasionally appeared in the Coinbase data over the years.

The first block ever mined on the Bitcoin blockchain, known as the “Genesis Block”, contained the text: “The Times 03 / Jan / 2009 Chancellor on the verge of second bailout for banks”.

The embedded text referred to a headline published on January 3, 2009 in The Times, which was interpreted as a comment on the instability of fractional reserve banking and served as a timestamp of exactly when Bitcoin was created.

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