Open source dApp development platform Avalanche reveals that Lydia Finance is live on its network

avalanche, an open source platform for the delivery of decentralized applications (dApps) and enterprise-class blockchain initiatives, comments in a blog post published in the Lydia Finance, an Automated Market Maker (AMM), yield farming and staking platform is live on Avalanche.

As mentioned in the announcement, the intuitive user interface and extensive documentation / tutorials allow “any level of user” to make sound investments in the DeFi space while “maximizing their revenues by using the lightning-fast Avalanche infrastructure at very low levels Use gas costs “. The announcement also mentioned that users could trade, deploy, pool and earn LYD and many other token utilities “anything on Lydia Finance”.

As mentioned in the update, Avalanche is an open source platform for delivering dApps and enterprise blockchain deployments over an interoperable, “highly scalable” ecosystem. Avalanche can process over 4,500 transactions per second and “instantly confirm” transactions. Ethereum (ETH) developers can quickly develop on Avalanche because Solidity works “out-of-the-box”.

Lydia Finance, a verified DeFi protocol and a decentralized or non-custody exchange (DEX), is currently running on the Avalanche blockchain.

As explained in the announcement:

“By running on Avalanche, Lydia Finance offers lightning-fast completion, low gas charges and a 100% decentralized platform. This enables a smooth and intuitive user experience on the platform. “

The Lydia Finance platform offers users two important functions:

Earn and act.

  • Trade: The DEX is an AMM that “enables users to trade token pairs on Avalanche”.
  • Earnings: The yield farming feature “enables Avalanche users to provide AMM pools with liquidity and generate income in LYD tokens (Lydia Finance) and others.” These tokens “can then be automatically converted into native platform tokens of your choice.” such as B. AVAX (Avalanche). “

Lydia Finance noted:

“Our team is dedicated to delivering the best financial capabilities and is focused on delivering the best user experience in order to bring new users to the Avalanche platform and grow with the ecosystem. Avalanche has the most promising EVM compatible platform for a DeFi startup, so we chose Avalanche as the platform. We believe that working with the Avalanche team will have an important positive impact on our project and strengthen the relationship. “

The Lydia Finance team will announce the launch of Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs), with the publication noted, adding that this will allow users to “invest in new projects with their AVAX / LYD LP tokens”. This function is currently being “tested and is expected to start in July 2021”.

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