OpenNode, BigCommerce partner, brings bitcoin payments to 60,000 merchants

The payment processor OpenNode and the e-commerce platform BigCommerce have teamed up to bring Bitcoin payments to more than 60,000 global merchants.

Bitcoin payments infrastructure provider OpenNode has announced that its technology will be used by e-commerce company BigCommerce to offer Bitcoin payment options to more than 60,000 merchants around the world.

“Our partnership with BigCommerce is another important step in meeting the growing demand from merchants to accept Bitcoin payments,” said Julie Landrum, Head of Growth at OpenNode, in an email to Bitcoin Magazine. “The response from BigCommerce merchants has been incredibly positive, following the huge success with payments for the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. Payments are changing and OpenNode looks forward to driving access and scaling with future-oriented payments and platform providers like BigCommerce. “

BigCommerce merchants have the ability to process sales in their preferred currency, local fiat or bitcoin, and OpenNode bitcoin acceptance is compatible with any bitcoin wallet. Through the partnership, they will be able to offer on-chain and Lightning Network payments.

With Bitcoin-enabled payments, these merchants can target the growing number of people around the world who want to transact using BTC.

“Consumers today want to be able to pay on a website by the means most convenient for them to pay, be it a traditional credit card or an emerging technology like Bitcoin, and our goal as an open software-as-a-service platform is to to work with industry-leading partners who can help make this variety of checkouts possible, “said Mark Rosales, vice president of business development, payments, banking and fintech at BigCommerce, in a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “We look forward to working with [OpenNode] To offer Bitcoin as a payment option for BigCommerce merchants. “

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