OWNR Wallet adds EOS support for users

According to a press release, another wallet can support the EOS asset.

This wallet is OWNR Wallet, a simple platform that enables users to “buy, send, receive and exchange crypto with just a few clicks”. Only you control access and assets.

According to the publication, EOS is difficult to support in certain wallets as it immediately confirmed transactions, although it is quite scalable in that regard.

“The EOS blockchain specifications define the architecture of the apps they support and their limitations. Most EOS solutions allow users to either create a new EOS account or restore and manage an existing one. It may appear that the accounts created can only be used within a certain network, ”the release notes say.

However, on OWNR, users can now create an account on the EOS platform and conduct transactions there. The account creation is also easy within the wallet.

Speaking on the subject, Grygory Sytenko, CEO of OWNR, said:

“We aim to fully support EOS so that users don’t have to switch between apps as is usually the case with this coin. More importantly, we’ve managed to make account registration so easy that it takes several minutes, even for a newbie. “

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