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Peter Thiel. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

  • Peter Thiel said he felt “underinvested” in Bitcoin, Bloomberg reported.
  • The tech billionaire said during the Bitcoin rallies it was “a total bankruptcy moment for central banks”.
  • He previously called Bitcoin the “most honest market” in the country.

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel said he didn’t bet enough on Bitcoin and now he’s worried the secret is out.

“I have the feeling that I have invested too little,” Thiel told the conference participants in Miami, according to a Bloomberg report. He said he believed everyone already knew the so-called secret of cryptocurrency. But “maybe it’s still secret enough,” he said.

“I think the answers will take a long time” on Bitcoin, he said, according to Bloomberg.

With the cryptocurrency trading above $ 65,000 and making new all-time highs, Thiel said this was a “complete bankruptcy moment for central banks.”

Thiel, the outspoken libertarian and founder of PayPal, made the comments at the Perez Art Museum in Miami during a conference hosted by the Lincoln Network, a technologist and capitalist nonprofit trying to “share Silicon Valley know-how with DC.” -Politics “link to his website.

Thiel pointed out the disruptive power of Bitcoin at another event earlier this week. At a meeting of the conservative Federalist Society on Monday evening, he said the Bitcoin rally was a sign that the “fallen regime” was about to explode. But, he added, now may not be the time to go all-in on cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin lost control of $ 65,000 early Thursday after hitting a high of just under $ 67,000 the previous day due to investor hype over an exchange-traded fund linked to the cryptocurrency.

Another Bitcoin futures ETF from asset management company VanEck will start trading next week after the ProShares fund launched on Tuesday.

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