PODCAST: Travis Kling from Ikigai on why Bitcoin is a “Baby X-Man”

There are properties related to what constitutes a good store of value. And there are the six properties of money, it is an Austrian economic framework. It’s durable, it’s divisible, it’s portable, it’s uniform, it’s accepted, and it’s scarce. And if you look at gold next to BTC in this context, BTC actually ranks very well. As I said, gold has been gold for 5,000 years, Bitcoin has been around for 10 and a half years. It jumped out of the dark about three years ago. So it will take a little longer than three years to usurp a 5,000-year store of value. And you know, I’m not even saying that this will necessarily happen in our lifetime. But BTC’s market cap is currently 160 billion and gold’s market cap is eight trillion. Obviously, if you capture only part of it, the potential for returns from here is huge.

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