Police officers expecting a pot farm uncover illegal Bitcoin mine

– Police in the UK say that a building they were watching had people going in and out 24/7, numerous cable and ventilation ducts were visible, and emitting a lot of heat – all “classic cannabis factory signs”. But when West Midlands police raided the factory in an industrial area last week, they discovered a Bitcoin mining operation using stolen electricity, the Guardian reports. In a Facebook post, police said the operation was running around 100 computers to mine for bitcoin, an energy-intensive process that involves solving complex equations to unlock blocks of the cryptocurrency.

“It is certainly not what we expected,” said Police Sgt. Jennifer Griffin in a statement on CNBC. “It had all the hallmarks of growing cannabis, and I think it’s only the second such crypto mine we’ve come across.” In the West Midlands. “She said that her understanding is that cryptocurrency mining itself isn’t illegal – but electricity Stealing from the net is clear. Police say the equipment has been confiscated and while no arrests have been made yet there are a lot of questions for the owner of the device (Read more Bitcoin stories)

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