Put the Ethereum knives down, we come in peace – Solana co-founder

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Not everyone in crypto gets their throats on. And while the rivalry between proponents of competing protocols is real, not all aspiring altcoin pioneers say they want to be known as the Ethereum (ETH) “killer” – especially one of the thought leaders behind Solana (SOL).

SOL’s growth this year was downright meteoric. The authors of a recently released report note that it has risen 45.8 in the past 12 months – and how many similarly promising altcoins are on course for a 2022 breakout. The coin has fought its way into the top 10 coins per market cap and recently made it into the top 5 and outperformed more established tokens such as XRP.

In fact, SOL’s growth rate over the past 12 months has surpassed that of Cardano (ADA), a protocol arguably positioned as an ETH killer from the start.

But in a Twitter exchange this week, SOL co-founder Raj Gokal disproved the notion that there was bad blood between his protocol and Ethereum.

Chris Burniske, co-founder of the crypto venture firm placeholderHe wrote that he had given up hope that “everyone” would “get by” in crypto, adding:

“I’ve now accepted that we’re naturally tribal, and the competition actually heats everyone up. Is it ideal? Maybe not. Is it real Definitely yes.”

He also wrote that “despite pretty words” the “knives have failed fully”.

The Placeholder co-founder stated that with crypto, “in general, people want their biggest pockets to win,” especially when it comes to “Layer 1 protocols” – a factor that “will affect almost all communications”. He therefore advised players “not to take what you see and hear as the truth. [K]Nives are at full capacity. “

Burniske noted that Bitcoiners traditionally had no time for ETH lawyers, but “hated” them so much that they “never bothered to get involved”.

But, he said, “the competition between ETH and others” [smart contract layer-1 protocols] is much more intimate – that opens up more subversive avenues for disinformation and attempts at sabotage. “

However, Gokal insisted that Burniske was wrong and wrote:

“It’s not just fine words, man. It really doesn’t have to be a fight. More key pairs are better. [U]Servers will be able to switch as these platforms prove or not over time. “

He urged Burniske not to design the crypto scene “no longer as a fight” and wrote:

“’Knives out’ means that we are trying to kill Ethereum. Ethereum cannot be killed, it is impossible. And there is already a wonderful force of good in the world that strengthens millions of people and creates billions in wealth. Bitcoin is obviously the same. “

And while Gokal admitted that Burniske may not be referring to Solana directly, he added that he was “sad and disappointed” that “every time non-Ethereum chains like Solana see success or make big leaps in growth, this as swings against. is considered incumbent. “

He insisted:

“We’re trying to enlarge the movement.”

At 08:25 UTC, SOL is trading at $ 230, down 5% in one day. It shot up 11,422% in one year. At the same time, ETH is changing hands at USD 4,747 and is up 1.5% in one day. It’s up 925% in one year.
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