Rachel Roy gets child custody, injunction against Damon Dash

Rachel Roy and Damon DashThe custody battle is over, but things aren’t looking good for the former Roc-a-Fella Records business partner.

Dash has lost sole and physical custody of his two 15-year-old daughters Ava Dash and 6 years old Tallulah Dash, to ex-wife Roy, according to court documents that E! News. The fashion designer has also successfully obtained a three-year injunction against her ex, which also includes a protection order for her daughters.

He is not completely isolated from his children as the court has granted him supervised visits. but Jay-ZHis former business partner probably only found out about the verdict later because he did not appear for the verdict.

Roy filed for divorce from Dash in 2009 after about four years of marriage. Since then, Roy has been in hot water after she was reportedly the cause of the now infamous Met Gala elevator brawl between Jay Z and As long as Knowles.

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