RAGE 2 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed; Game powered by Avalanche’s own ‘Apex’ engine

We got a lot of new information about RAGE 2, and even saw the game in action for the first time, despite the promised much more promised by the published Bethesda Softworks, during their own E3 2018 Showcase event (which is on Sunday June 10th at 6 a.m.) takes place) to come: 30 p.m. Pacific time).

However, retailer Amazon also separately confirmed that there will be a pre-order bonus: an exclusive mission, vehicle, pistol and piece of armor.

Rage 2, Absolute Drift Now for free on the Epic Games Store

Pre-order RAGE 2 and receive the exclusive “Cult of Death God” mission, Settler Pistol, Nicholas Raine Armor and Monster Truck in-game.

RAGE 2 is jointly developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software to make the most of each studio’s expertise. So it was only natural to wonder if the game would use the id Tech 6 engine or Avalanche’s own Apex engine.

Christofer Sundberg, Founder and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Avalanche, made it clear that RAGE 2 is powered once and for all via Twitter by the Apex engine used in all titles from Mad Max to Just Cause and theHunter.

It’s Apex – Avalanche Open-World Engine.

– Christofer Sundberg (@CHSundberg), May 15, 2018

However, this begs another question: will the game maintain the target frame rate of 60 FPS of the first rate? That would be a first for Avalanche’s open-world games.

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