Raining cats and dogs at Tron NFT Market

The New NFT project appears on the angry market. Target the Tron community now. Tron Cool Cats, a new project supported by Palmar Labs, is a collection of 10,000 unique randomly generated NFTs flowing in the Tron ecosystem.

Another project is emerging in the rapidly growing NFT market. This time around, cats are taking over the Tron ecosystem.

Tron Cool Cats is a copycat (pun intended) of the popular Ethereum-based NFT project. Cool Cats is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each randomly compiled cat from over 300,000 total options has a unique body, hat, face and outfit that determine how cool it is in the ranking system. Ethereum Cool Cats NFTs quickly became the top collectibles in the industry this summer, with the initial mint price for a cat as low as 0.06 ETH. Today the cheapest Cool Cat on the crypto collectibles marketplace, OpenSea, has a minimum price of 3.89 ETH, or around $ 12,914.76.

Now the cats are making their debut on Tron, another global blockchain-based market with its own cryptocurrency – TRX. And these kittens are something to look for.

Just like the Ethereum-based cats, every single Tron-powered Cool Cat is random and unique. Tron Cat NFTs have a wide variety of expressions, outfits, accessories, and other characteristics – just like their successful ancestors. Even the number of cats in the collection mimics the original one – 10K. However, the Tron-based cats’ mint prices are very different from what you will find in the Ethereum market. Digital collectors can snag a freshly minted Tron-powered kitten for a solid TRX of 1,500, or around $ 135.

What a price range, right? So far, the NFT market has been dominated by Ethereum-based projects. But the wind is turning pretty fast: the first NFT replicator collections introduced in the Tron ecosystem rose very quickly. Tpunks, the first NFT project on the Tron blockchain, was a huge success. The next project, TronMeebits, reached over $ 1.2 million in less than a day, took about 36 hours to sell 20,000 digital works of art. And the latest Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron NFTs conquered the market within a few hours.

The hustle and bustle is not over yet. Tron NFTs have shown some spectacular results in the secondary market. Tron-based monkeys are rising in value: with their copied NFT primates minted for 1000 TRX each, they are already being sold for no less than 10 000 TRX each. Additionally, recent news from Tron blockchain founder Justin Sun, who bought a Tpunk NFT for up to $ 10.5 million, has boosted the market even further.

With issue prices this low, new Tron NFT projects are attracting more and more attention from collectors. It seems that the Tron Cool Cats collection will be among the pioneers in the fast growing Tron NFT market.

Tron Cool Cats have already started minting, but according to the information on the project’s website, kittens have yet to be minted.

All cats are minted at random. The coinage costs of Tron-living Cool Cat are set at 1500 TRX without price levels in the project. For those looking to form a whole meowing gang, the site allows users to imprint multiple cats at once. The project obliges NFT collectors to adopt a big cat family: a 10% pool will be introduced for 30+ and 150+ Tron Cool Cat owners. So 10% of the value gained is given back to the most cat-loving representatives of the expanding cat community on a Tron basis. The project starts with its own marketplace.

With the Ethereum-based Cool Cat’s prices so high, the storm of Tron-based cats won’t go unnoticed.

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