Randy Horton was “Original Cosmos Star Striker”

March 14, 2017

Randy Horton was the “original Cosmos star striker” and “a key member of the Cosmos squad in the early years,” says Twiceacosmo, adding that “No matter how the game ends on Sunday, Randy Horton is always an important part the game will be “cosmos story.”

The story goes: “While The Cosmos travel to Bermuda for their final vote before the NASL kick-off in Puerto Rico, we’re starting a short series of key goalscorers from both the team’s distant and recent past . And where better to start than with a man from Bermuda who was the original Cosmos striker.

“On April 17, 1971, The New York Cosmos played their first competitive game in front of only 3701 fans in what appeared to be a cave-like Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis.

“The players, adopted New Yorkers from all over the world, had only met a few weeks ago. But it was the physical condition of her six-foot-tall striker that made the first mark on Cosmos’ history book.

“Bermuda’s Randy Horton ran onto a Kyriakos Fitilis free kick and climbed over St. Louis center-back Steve Frank. And it would definitely not be the last time. “

Randy Horton celebrates with the 1972 NASL Championship Trophy, photo via Twiceacosmo

This retrospective follows after it was announced last week that the New York Cosmos will be traveling to Bermuda for prep training this month.

This is not the first time the team has been on the island, because forty years ago, in 1977, Cosmos visited Bermuda for pre-season training and returned in 1978.

Before that, in 1972, a championship season for Cosmos, Mr. Horton was the team’s most valuable player and top scorer.

The New York Cosmos will train and play a match against a BFA National Select team that is open to the public.

Additionally, Cosmos coaches will host a combine in Bermuda that will select a player and offer a contract to join the organization’s B-Team in New York.

Jack Gaeta [NY Cosmos], James Davis [BFA], Daniel Johnson [BTA], with Randy Horton on last week’s announcement

BFA press March 8, 2017 (1)

The New York Cosmos game against a Bermuda National Select Team is scheduled for March 19 at 3:00 p.m. CET.

“We are very excited to play these games against New York Cosmos,” said Maurice Lowe, Technical Director of the BFA. “A lot of us grew up hearing about Randy Horton’s playing time there.

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