Reasons why your loss of confidence in Tron (TRX) could become a regret later on

The Cryptocurrency The market is not in good shape at the moment. Several cryptocurrencies have depreciated due to the recent cyberattack on a Japanese Exchange. Tron is no exception. Tron has also suffered along with the entire cryptocurrency market. In fact, Tron has been fighting for some time, making many believers doubts.

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Tron saw great growth of nearly 2700% in 2017, hitting an all-time high of $ 0.27. However, it has been alleged that Tron plagiarized its whitepapers (which has not yet been fully proven). News of Tron’s whitepapers spread like wildfire, from which the currency has had a hard time recovering. The currency is currently only trading for $ 0.05. Despite what has happened in the past, Tron is a good investment for a number of reasons.

It is listed on many exchanges

The value of Tron could tell a different story about the currency, but the number of exchanges you can trade Tron on is constantly increasing. This just shows how the exchange also believes in Tron’s success. One such exchange is Cobinhood. What is unique about Cobinhood is the promise of free cryptocurrency trading. As such, these exchanges are likely to blow up with customers in the future, which would eventually get Tron the attention it deserves.

Cobinhood is still a relatively new exchange. However, TRX was also added to the popular exchange Bitfinex, one of the highest ranking stock exchanges in the world. Bitfinex is also known as the exchange for large investors. Tron would get a huge boost in such an environment.

in addition, Justin Sun.The man behind Tron recently announced that Tron is now also listed on This exchange is also one of the leading exchanges in the world as it ranks 6th.

#TRON #TRX $ TRX is now listed in! @Huobi_Pro is one of the world’s leading blockchain trading platforms and ranks 6th on @CoinMarketCap with a daily trading volume of 1 billion. #BTC #ETH

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 29, 2018

The more Tron is listed on more and more stock exchanges, the more awareness it becomes. Eventually, once users regain access to Tron, demand will rise, which would get Tron going again.

Tron is constantly announcing new high-profile partnerships

Despite the severe blow Tron suffered a month ago, CEO Justin Sun was not unsettled. Sun remains as optimistic as ever and this is reflected in its work ethic for the currency. Tron is constantly announcing partnerships with well-known names. Around the same time that the White Paper’s allegations were being made, Tron announced a partnership with Baofeng. Justin Sun described Baofeng as the “Chinese Netflix”Which has over 200 million users.

Most recently, Sun announced partnerships Mico, Kitty Live, Waka, Yay and GSC (Global Social Chain). All of Tron’s partners have millions of users. For example, Mico is a social platform with over 100 million users. A cryptocurrency cannot be called a bug just because of a drop in price. As Tron receives more and more high profile partners, many more users will be able to know and access Tron. Therefore, Tron is a very popular cryptocurrency.

#TRON has established a strategic partnership with Mico, Kitty Live, Waka, Yay and GSC (Global Social Chain). Mico is an alien social platform with 100 million users and Kitty Live is a streaming app in Southeast Asia with 20 million users. #TRX $ trx

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 27, 2018

The coin burns

One was planned Coin branding in March 2018. A coin burn is a significant decrease in the circulation of coins. Hence, when the price is low and the coins are in circulation, it is best to invest in TRX now. It’s a simple demand and a simple supply: when the supply of a commodity goes down, the price goes up. Hence, burning coins can result in a decent return for investors as the currency is currently as cheap as $ 0.05. However, don’t expect the price to go massively above a dollar, but maybe close to its all-time high or a little more. It’s still a decent gain for long-term currency investors.

The loyal supporters

Although the digital currency is a relatively “new” coin, it has very dedicated and loyal supporters. If you look at Justin Sun’s Twitter posts, you’ll find that many of them are retweets of the currency’s supporters. The currency also has over 15,000 members in the main Telegram group. Tron wasn’t released until September 2017. Hence, it is amazing that it has grown to over 15,000 members in such a short period of time. It clearly shows that a large number of people believe in Tron and have not invested in Tron just to get lucky with this coin.

Tron also wants to benefit from the Chinese market. Tron is said to be a source of decentralized media that could appeal to millions of customers in China. It was a step towards that goal when Tron announced its partnership with Baofeng. If Tron is able to attract the Chinese media users, there will be a rapid boom in no time.

Justin Sun.

Perhaps the key to Tron’s future success: Justin Sun. He is the CEO of the digital currency who is more than qualified for his job. The idea behind Tron, proposed by Sun, is innovative and revolutionary: providing a decentralized media platform that allows artists to publish their content without going through the restrictive processes they currently have to go through. Sun aims to make the life of content creators easier by creating a hassle-free platform.

Sun is also very committed to his work. He’s constantly on Twitter and making all sorts of announcements for Tron. His activity feed is either retweeting fan tweets or announcing new partnerships or listings on coin exchanges. A man with his dedication and drive is a rare find. He is committed to making Tron work and is supported by many social platforms that help him reach the decentralized media platform he wants.

In addition, the man must be given credit as he has not been shaken by the entire whitepaper scandal. He remained optimistic and shot all cylinders. This attitude of the sun will eventually bring Tron its well-deserved success.

With all that aside, another great quality Sun possesses is its ability to market anything to the public. One of the main reasons Tron became so popular in such a short amount of time was the way Sun was able to market it to the public. The man can sell you almost anything! Such marketing skills can also hide development or technological weaknesses. If the currency’s technological or developmental weaknesses remain hidden, clever marketing makes it easier to attract more people. Then the additional revenue generated by more people can be invested in improving the currency’s technology. This is a smart strategy that will only work if done correctly, and Sun has definitely got it right.

Tron has already proven itself last year. It took a bit of a setback a month ago, but with a dedicated team and CEO, plus the rest of the reasons listed above, Tron will rise again in 2018 and maybe reach even greater heights. Therefore, invest in TRX now when the coin is cheap, otherwise it will be another missed opportunity.

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