Report: Marla Maples and her friends roared the national anthem at Ripple

Image via iStock.

Marla maple According to a tipster, it caused a little uproar at Ripple last night.

president Trump card‘s ex-wife was out for dinner with friends at the Cleveland Park restaurant around 10 p.m. when the group broke into a “hideous” rendering of the star-spangled banner, the source says. The group of about eight people, mostly men, occupied two tables in the background. “It was like a fraternity experience,” adds the source.

It is not clear what the group celebrated beyond the glory of this great nation. In any case, it was probably a nice distraction for Maples from the news that Trump refused to give his blessing on their memoirs about their marriage. (Per Page Six, Regan Arts lawyers wouldn’t give the project the go-ahead unless Trump signed it.)

Ripple declined to acknowledge Maples’ visit or reported portrayal of patriotism. Maples did not respond to a request for comment.

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